Confidence: Your Key to Success

In order to nail an interview, you must exude confidence. To complete projects and collaborate with others, confidence is key. In almost any situation, confidence will aid your ability to sell yourself, and, in turn, sell others. Read more to learn key mechanisms to help you appear confident!

  • Dress: Whether we are conscious of it or not, almost all people note first impressions by solely judging how other’s present themselves. Dress for success and you will likely achieve it at a much quicker pace. Dressing professionally will also help you to feel more confident in yourself and your appearance!
  • Tone: It seems as though many people become confused when differentiating how to speak with confidence and the border between sounding arrogant. Implement a “you view” when you speak with others, making sure to note why your opinion, suggestion, or assignment will benefit them. In each conversation you lead, your listener should be able to walk away with a heightened understanding of a topic or project, that way they will feel you benefitted them and offered valuable insight. 
  • Honest Understanding of Yourself: Being confident is not to be confused with being perfect! Even the most confident, successful business leaders have flaws and imperfections. Where true confidence is to be exhibited is through showcasing honesty about achievements, mistakes, and even failures. Being able to showcase this honesty with your team, friends, partner, or boss will help you to show that you have a true understanding of who you are, where you excel, and where you could improve.
  • Attracting Attention, Not Demanding: A truly confident individual will attract attention in group settings through the points they offer, instead of demanding it by heightening their volume and interrupting others. Attract attention by utilizing interpersonal skills, and catering to the needs of your audiences and their qualities.
  • Challenge Yourself: By showing that you are not afraid of failure, you will show those around you the confidence you have in your own ability to achieve success. Do so by engaging in challenging projects and assignments, or attempting new tasks. Even if you do not succeed at first, with persistence you are guaranteed to gain a new skill.

Improving Confidence:

  • Practice Social and Interpersonal Skills: Set up coffee dates with others, make an effort to eat lunch with a new co-worker, build relationships with new people, and expand your professional network. There is no better way to appear confident than to understand how to successfully interact with others.
  • Fake it ‘Til You Make it: Seriously! Don’t be afraid to fake your confidence, eventually, once you believe it you will truly see it! One great way to do this is by always making an effort to make eye contact with who you are speaking to and stand up straight.
  • Exercise: Feeling confident in your body will help you feel much more confident in who you are. If you do not feel that your health is at the best of its potential, make a conscious effort to keep your body active and workout.
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Showing confidence will provide you with a lifelong advantage! Implement these skills into your daily lifestyle to help achieve permanent personal and professional success.

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