Hello everyone! We hope that you were all able to take advantage of a relaxing weekend filled of memories with the ones you love. Now that Tuesday is upon us, it’s time for most of us to play catch-up at work this week. So, how do you get back on track? How do you keep up with a building number of assignments? Find out all you need to know HERE!

Playing Catch-Up!

  • Set a Routine: Above anything else, setting a routine that you can rely on to play catch-up will help you stay organized, timely, and productive. Whether this means breakfast, exercise, time-blocking technique, or setting up an array of meetings, any organizational tactic will prove to benefit you in the long run.
  • Early Wake-Ups: We know this isn’t everyone’s ideal plan, and many of us dread that 7:00 AM wake-up call. However, in the week or so (usually a time period equivalent to your break) following Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Fourth of July, etc., it will prove immensely valuable to your schedule to take back an hour of the day that you may regularly use for sleep. You’ll be surprised at your body’s ability to work hard and function even on a lower quantity of sleep over temporary time periods; this could be an especially great resource for catching up.
  • New Atmosphere: Just as it is easy to fall out of routine when you return home or to a place outside of your regular environment, it is just as easy to get all too comfortable in a place over time. Whether this is a coffee shop, your room, a specific library or classroom, or any working space that you’ve found, it’s almost subconscious that we start to become less focused and more comfortable in a repetitive space. For that reason, we encourage you to at least try out a new space one-time post-break and test your productivity. Sometimes all it takes is a new atmosphere to stimulate work and motivation!
  • Go Easy on Yourself: One last tip… always make sure to be easy on yourself after a break! There is no reason to ever regret the time you spent with loved ones or the extra sleep you caught upon. It was deserved and it was enjoyable! Allow yourself breaks and make sure to get enough sleep still so as to maintain productivity.

By allowing yourself ample time to catch up, reorganizing your routine temporarily, and supporting yourself both physically and mentally, you will be sure to catch up on any missed work in no time!

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Hello all! We hope that you’re equally as excited to head into the holiday weekend and relax, enjoy some BBQ, and above all time spent with loved ones. Before you go, we’re here to explore some of the benefits of “random” work opportunities with you! If you’re faced with some odd jobs this summer, seeking experience after facing challenges with obtaining an internship, or otherwise looking to stay occupied, read why that will benefit you HERE…

“Random” Opportunity Benefits…

  • Resume and Skill Builders: The experience you gain from any office or corporate setting will provide you with concrete skills to utilize in your next career exploration. Especially in regards to technological skills, it is invaluable to become immersed in any company’s operations and see how universal programs such as Excel, SPSS, SQL, etc. are utilized on a day-to-day basis. So, it’s important to first evaluate when you see new opportunities: what skills does this role require? How can I improve my professional profile by engaging with this role?
    • Extra Note: With additional experience comes, even if subconscious, a newfound level of confidence when advocating for yourself in informational or professional future interviews.
  • Identifying New Interests: In the same way that you will find yourself developing unexpected new technological and soft skills, an internship outside of your academic or career “norm” may help you to identify new areas of interest! Whether this means a new software-focused role, consumer packaged good, industry, culture, workload, creative skill, or any function of a business operation, exploring areas outside of your major and experience proves an extremely useful asset! It is crucial not to become stuck in one role throughout your life, so keep an open mind to all positions even if they seem far “out-of-the-box.”
  • Expanding Your Network and Professional Connections: We know we sound like a broken record, but we’ll take this chance to once again encourage you to always, always network! Connections are the driving force of this industry and it is essential to continue working to grow them. You never know when that one random connection from seven years ago may become your foot-in-the-door at your dream company. So remember, working in an office in a role you did not expect may lead you to achieve your dream role down the line by utilizing the network you worked to cultivate.

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As interviewers ourselves, we know how easy it can be to fall into a routine and stick to the basics. However, the same few interview questions that you’re likely asking are those that EVERY company is relying on! So, how do you avoid the top 3 generic and over-used interview questions and stand out to candidates? Find out HERE!

Elevator Pitches and Get-to-Know-You

Instead of leaving the question so open-ended that there is room for a candidate to “miss the answer,” try instead to get to the deeper point like past experiences, top motivations for leaving past positions, alignment to company missions and value, etc. Doing so will help you target a more specific goal and get to know the candidate on a spectrum that will benefit your application process, avoiding steering away from their profession and airing on solely personal realizations.

Biggest Weakness

Another over-used interview question focuses on candidate “weaknesses.” Ask yourself, why do you need to know their biggest weakness? Is asking this specific or beneficial to your application process? Instead, focus on specific areas where your candidate would like to improve, skills they may feel like they’re still missing, programs or computer language they’d like to learn, specific qualities of the company in where they could improve, networking development, etc.

Five-Year and Future Timelines

Steer clear!!! We all know that awkward feeling on a family member or colleague asking about our 5-year plans, or essentially our future in general. While this may help you identify a long commitment and loyalty from the candidate, the truth is that these questions are more outdated than anything else. Instead, ask about future career goals like opening a personal company, growing a book of business, learning a new language, etc. Identifying how your candidate hopes to move along their career path and if their motivation is clearly portrayed will provide highly more value than knowing if they plan to start a family or move to a new city!

Remember, standing out as a candidate and as a client are equally important to your company’s success! Avoiding generic questions not only showcases a modern company spirit but will help you differentiate from never-ending interview processes.

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We all know this feeling: you’re sitting in an interview and the hiring employee asks the questions we’ve all been preparing for… “Do you have any questions for me?” If you hope to stand out as a candidate, showcase your preparation, and otherwise leave a position impression on recruiters, preparing UNIQUE questions is essential to success! So, how do you prepare unique, out-of-the-box, and productive questions?! Find out HERE!

Preparing Effective Interview Questions…

Ask with Purpose

Above all, make sure to avoid those generic questions that were all accustomed to answering and have heard 100 times. AKA: Why do you like working here? What does your day look like? Why should I want to work here? If you could ask a question you’re preparing to any interviewer, for any position, and at any company, that is a red flag that your questions lack purpose. So, how do you overcome this challenge? Think about why you’re interviewing with a company! Do they prioritize minority recognition and hiring? Volunteering? Are there horizontal opportunities for switching to new roles? How do employees work their way up the vertical corporate ladder? Find out what your priorities are in your role, and cater questions to your top desires in a new position to get to the nitty-gritty of the company culture and career progression.

Research and Ask Specifics

Make sure that your questions are specific to the company! If you’re asking about corporate responsibility, find out what organizations and initiatives your company participates in! Find out if there are volunteer days and strategies for encouraging these behaviors! If you’re interviewing for a technical role, is there a specific program or language you should begin preparing for? How does your company encourage learning and progression? Are you offered courses? Dig deeper than generics to derive the greatest value from your interview.

Leave no Loose Ends!

Finally, remember that the question component of any interview is intended to help YOU! So, make sure that you’re walking out of the interview with no questions left unanswered. Not only will doing so accelerate your timeline of acceptance if an offer is extended, but will provide you the clearest picture to help guide your decision.

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As we’ve adapted to WFH and virtual environments, it’s become even more clear that a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture may prove the building blocks of employee retention and success during this time. If you’ve been at your company for years, if you’re starting out for a new position, or even if you’re thinking about switching things up and pursuing a new role… this article is for you!

Keep reading HERE to decipher some crucial components that makeup workplace culture and if they align with your own hopes and desires from a work environment and position…

Aspects of Workplace Culture…

  • Vision: While stability may be comfortable at work, a company with a vision for the future, even if it may even seem impossible, is one that will succeed. Visions are meant to act as guides, and often will even set unrealistic goals to help employees maintain a strong drive and motivation. Does your work environment have a clear vision?
    • Extra tip: Before accepting a job offer, make sure that your personal mission and vision align with those of the entire organization. Ensuring this will allow you to maintain enthusiasm and true care for the work you complete.
  • Morals and Values: An organization with genuine morals and values is one that deeply cares for its employees and their satisfaction, in addition to the success of the business. Morals and values can be exhibited in a concrete manner, potentially in a manual or posted on a wall, but are often expressed in intangible ways and through behaviors. Make sure that your firm takes notable action to enact these morals and values because we all know, you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?
    • Extra tip: We know that not every day can include a clear display of morals and values. However, does your company provide a volunteer day? Organizations to work with? Does it stand up for minority groups and make efforts to create diverse leadership? Do they partner with ethical organizations? These are all questions to ask yourself!
  • Teamwork: In your career, you will undoubtedly find yourself working on many different teams with various types of employees. Firms that monitor and encourage contribution from all team members, and from employees at all different levels are firms that exhibit true care for teamwork. In addition, an office that values teamwork will make sure that all employees are dedicated and in tune with the organization’s morals and values.
  • Support for Uniqueness and Creativity: One of the greatest aspects that help employees to feel valued is in an organization’s ability to support and even encourage individual uniqueness and creativity. Flexibility awarded to employees as they complete projects, responsibilities, and even paths to take to achieve goals is one of the greatest ways to measure the trust your company has in you.
  • Employee Retention: While many aspects of workplace culture are nonmeasurable, employee retention is something that you can actually evaluate. Retention is a great way to measure if culture is being exhibited in an effortful manner. A workplace with a flourishing, successful culture is one that employees will want to work for forever! So, are they staying with your firm?

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It is the reality that, throughout your entire career, you will not have the absolute most positive relationship with every boss that you encounter. So, what do you do if you have the unavoidable feeling that your boss doesn’t like you or the work you’re doing? How do you improve the relationship? How do you confront the situation? Find out all you need to know HERE…

Improving Your Management Relationship…

Things to look out for: Is your boss micro-managing your every move? Are you being provided criticism at each step of a project? Do you feel like your creative freedom hasn’t increased in a long time? Do you feel as though you receive the same treatment as the rest of your team? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” it may be time to confront the relationship head-on.

  • Consistent Feedback: As you complete your daily tasks and fulfill your roles, we encourage you to ask yourself how frequently you are receiving feedback. Obtaining consistent feedback throughout project timelines will allow you to avoid instances in which you are requested to start over and will help you reduce a great deal of stress.
  • Meaningful Conversations and Information: Although your boss may be strained between supervising several projects, they are still there to act as your valuable resource and guide. For that reason, as an employee, you deserve meaningful feedback, directions, and periodic meetings to evaluate your performance. If you feel as though your boss does not communicate in a meaningful manner, you may want to check up with a higher supervisor.
  • Accepting Failure: At some point in your professional career, we can nearly guarantee that you will be faced with failure. Whether this is concerned with not meeting goals or deadlines, or creating a project that is not on par with original ideas, it is an inevitable component of any person’s career. However, having trust in your boss to provide constructive criticism instead of consequences will lead you to become more creative and trusting in your own capabilities.
  • Appreciation and Praise: Again, your entire team puts a great deal of work and effort into each day in the office. For that reason, you all deserve appreciation for your hard work as well as praise for positive improvements and achievements. Make sure to thank your boss for feedback and individual time you are provided and praise their accomplishments when appropriate. Although criticism may feel negative, it’s embedded in work culture to help you!
  • Demonstrate Proactive Problem-Solving Skills: As the ultimate guide of the team, your boss should be capable of offering different problem-solving skills, in addition to being able to understand varying environments and structural problems. If you feel as though your communication approaches are not aligned, this may be time to take a problem-solving approach and see what other routes you can take to improve conversations. Do you prefer to chat once a day? A week? Are you a visual learner? Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is the first step to nailing relationships.

Approaching a boss about a negative relationship is obviously uncomfortable. However, tackling the discomfort and reaching a point of understanding will pave the way for positivity and productivity for years to come. So, take our advice above, and you’ll be able to enter into the confrontation in no time.

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Hello everyone and welcome back from a long weekend away from our blogs! Today, we’re here to introduce you to the background and reference checks. The reality is that when starting virtually any new position, you will be expected to engage in an onboarding process, including background and reference verifications. So, how do you best prepare to make sure this process is as smooth as possible? Keep reading here…

Background and Reference Checks…

  • Communicate with your References: Throughout your career, references and complimentary letters will have a large influence on your interview and candidate success. So, make sure that you are using references that are current, that you’ve communicate with, and that are ready to verify who you are to your future employer! Whether this means a catch-up phone call, a quick text, or a formal email, giving your references a “heads up” ahead of the initiation of onboarding is a great way to prepare and stay on top of your obligations.
    • Extra Tip: If you’re looking for a reference letter, check in with professors, past managers, mentors, and other professional relations!
  • Locate Your Closest Background Resource: One thing that I did not know when engaging in the onboarding process for my internship is that there is a limited quantity of locations in which you can obtain fingerprinting and other background check elements. For that reason, prepare ahead of time by researching, asking your employer, and ultimately locating the nearest resource that you can utilize to complete your tasks! Doing so will allow you to coordinate transportation ahead of time, communicate with your employer about an appropriate deadline, and get one step closer to your first day of work.
  • Stay in Touch with Your Hiring Managers: Above all, maintaining a positive relationship with your hiring manager should be a top priority. So, make sure to be aware of all deadlines, expectations, and onboarding tasks throughout the entire process. Know that there is no such thing as too much information, and follow-up emails showcase your dedication and preparation! Make sure that you’ll be in the right city when onboarding starts, that you have the correct access to facilities, and that your employer has provided you with the full picture. In no time, you’ll be starting a new venture!

We hope that onboarding is the case for so many of you ass the economy revs up and gets back to our “pre-covid” circumstances. If you have any additional questions, make sure to send us an email or drop a comment on any of our social posts!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Today, we’re here to discuss the importance of being able to prioritize tasks at work. It is the reality that you will often be spread amongst several different responsibilities and expectations, and knowing when to choose a task over another is crucial to your professional success. Keep reading to find out how to prioritize obligations at work today…

Prioritizing Tasks Effectively…

  • Communicate: Step one to achieving an eloquent prioritization of tasks is keeping your team, and most importantly your manager, in the loop about what’s going on. Let’s pretend we’ve encountered an unforeseen situation (like we discussed Tuesday), which prohibits your ability to attend work the next day. First, acknowledge the impact of deadlines and due dates – what must be submitted first? Are you missing a deadline? Are you simply falling behind and can make up for lost time throughout the week? These types of questions will help you understand whether or not it’s time to talk to your team about the next step… delegation.
  • Delegate: Step two is to delegate your obligations to the rest of your team and management resources. Can another teammate begin presenting your slides will you gather yourself? Can another teammate finish a task and submit it in your absence in order to avoid missed due dates? If the answer to these questions is yes, then make sure to immediately reach out to the appropriate resources to get things moving.
    • Extra tip: This is an awesome example of why it is so important to establish open-ended and trusting behaviors with your team when you join a company! Doing so will pave the way for productive conversations like these in the future when mistakes, missed days, absences, and other mishaps inevitably come up.
    • Always remember those teammates who stepped up to help when you were in need… and always return their favors!
  • Compensate: Step three: compensate your teammates, manager, or anyone else who stepped in to help you. Whether this looks like a thank you note, treating someone to coffee, offering to make up lost time, stepping up to take on additional work in the next progress, offering gratitude will leave a lasting positive impression on those around you.

Remember, making mistakes, missing deadlines, and overcoming unforeseen circumstances are a part of life. Properly handling the situation is the most crucial aspect of preserving your professional reputation with your teammates and manager. So, make sure to follow along with these three easy steps, and you’ll effectively prioritize in no time!

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This past week, I encountered a crazy unforeseen circumstance. After arriving at an airport for an 8 PM flight, I was informed of 5 delays prior to cancellation, hotel voucher provision, an overnight stay, and a final plane take-off in the afternoon of the following day! I was surrounded by a friend and hundreds of strangers unprepared to be unable to attend work the following day. So, how do you handle this situation?! Keep reading below!

Overcoming Unforeseen Events…

  • Relax: Right away, take a deep breath and remember that being late to work, or missing a day and a few meetings, will not cause you to lose your job, and is absolutely not the end of the world. Take a step back, organize your thoughts, and begin the day with a calm demeanor. Maintain a positive attitude if able, and begin to compartmentalize your top priorities. Are you missing a presentation or spectating at a meeting? Are you attend a Lunch n Learn or do you have a presentation due? What are the most important obligations that you will miss?
  • Communicate: Once you identify your top priorities, communication is your key to being able to recover and move on through your day. Calling your boss or supervisor as soon as you are made aware of the situation will allow them adequate time to reorganize their schedule and accommodate you. Especially if you are scheduled for a meeting or presentation at the beginning of the day, it is crucial to notify those who will be affected as soon as possible to avoid any further challenges!
    • If there is a document you must place on someone’s desk by a certain time, a phone call to make, or any other obligation that may interfere with you being late, initiate any other communication practices to ensure that your tasks are completed as they would have been. Not only will this showcase your ability to be proactive and flexible in unforeseen circumstances, but it will help minimize any consequential damage of your absence.
  • Overcome: If this time delay caused you to fall behind on assignments, projects, or any of your responsibilities as a team member, make sure to portray your dedication and motivation by staying late (either during your break or after hours) and catching up. Doing so shows dedication, motivation to excel, and reliability to your company.

Remember, being late to work for one day will not change your career trajectory, and will not affect your current position. However, it is the way you handle the situation with etiquette, make up for a lost time, and stay true to your obligations that will leave a lasting impression!

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This time of year, and especially during weeks following days off or holidays, it’s easy to feel like you’ve fallen behind on a few responsibilities or obligations. For that reason, we’re here to help provide you some tips for how to take advantage of “off-time” over the weekend and specifically through resume upkeep. If you’re interested in improving this valuable piece of your candidate profile, keep reading here…

Resume Tips and Tricks…

  • First Impressions: Your resume is your first impression for your future employer. Because recruiters scan dozens of resumes every day, it’s crucial that yours allows you to stand out and prove that you are the most qualified applicant. Furthermore, most social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, often do not show a professional appearance; LinkedIn is the most important virtual representation of who you are for your next potential employer. Your LinkedIn profile, which showcases each of your professional experiences, must align with your resume. The jobs you include on your resume should paint a picture of who you are to your employer, and your LinkedIn profile should further extend the self-image you wish to promote. However, not all experiences shown on your LinkedIn profile will be able to fit on your resume, so make sure to pick the experiences most pertinent to the job you are applying for and customize your resume for each individual application!
    • If this sounds like you, this weekend may be the perfect time to align all of your social platforms with your application documents!
  • Content: All content included must be both relevant and recent. So, if your first job as a 15-year-old summer counselor is still included on your 24-year-old resume, reevaluate if that is the most on-topic piece of information that will help you stand out in an application pool. Additionally, make sure that the information you include on each resume you submit is in tune with what the company is looking for. For example, if you are applying for a marketing role, make sure to include an experience that illustrates your ability to think creatively, and promote a brand. If you are applying for a financial role, highlight any financial-related experiences you were responsible for in clubs (even if in college), organizations, or other companies. However, while information should be relevant and recent, do understand that there are times when crucial experience stems from several years ago –  so always be the ultimate judge of what “snapshots” will ultimately guide your employer’s decision to advance your application.
    • Extra Tip: Set a routine for resume up-keep – make sure to do so every 3 to 6-months! This way, you will constantly be adding and deleting new experiences and successes, and when the time comes to submit your resume to an organization, you will be well-equipped to provide one that is relevant, recent, and ready!

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Even though Memorial Day was yesterday, we’re here to remind you of the importance of expressing gratitude for the people around you on a daily basis. While it’s easy to forget the reasons why we can do the things we do and love each day, it is the truth and bravery of those troops who fought to preserve these freedoms that created the life we live. While remaining grateful for all of the services of our armed force, we’re also here to provide you with a few ways to express gratitude to our loved ones, our friends, our mentors, our siblings, our family, and those around us right now!

Expressing Gratitude

Remind Someone That You Care! There’s no greater way to show gratitude than by telling someone, in person, that you appreciate all that they do for you. In the midst of the digital age, it’s easy to thank people through emails, text, or even phone calls, but one of our most valued ways to express gratitude is in person.

Suprise a Coworker with Coffee: Since some of us are still working behind a screen and without the presence of others, it’s more important than ever to maintain relationships with our coworkers. While coffee may not take a physical form, surprising someone with a virtual gift card to a coffee shop is a great way to not only encourage an individual to take a breath of fresh air and get outside but to grab a treat along the way.

Pay for the Person Behind You: The next time you find yourself at a coffee or sandwich shop, double your bill for the person behind. With such a surprise and act of kindness, you are guaranteed to make that person’s day!

Clear Your Schedule for Someone Special: This may be a parent, spouse, child, close friend, or even a mentor. Regardless of the relationship, find a day to completely clear your schedule on their behalf. Although our “days” may not look like they used to, taking a long walk, binging a Netflix show, or cooking dinner with company is a great way to showcase to someone that they’re your priority.

Leave an Extra Tip: Especially in places where the bill doesn’t run very high, leave a tip larger than you regularly would! We can guarantee you that your extra note of gratitude will go a very long way. Especially during a time blanketed by job uncertainty, “donating” a few extra dollars to a server or anyone who assists you throughout the day is a great way to pass kindness forward and make a positive impact.

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Hello again everyone! As we head into the long weekend, I thought today would serve as a perfect time to reflect on some of the biggest learnings I took away from my four years spent at UW-Madison. As I quickly approach the “start of the real world,” in the sense of beginning a full-time job, I’ve found a few lessons worth leaving to any student at the start of their college career, looking for any advice, and open to a new perspective! Keep reading to find out…

Top 5 College Lessons…

  1. When it comes to studying, listen to your brain!

It’s so easy to feel the pull to stay up all night, cram in every piece of information, and otherwise run yourself overboard when studying for exams or submitting large assignments. Trust me, I’ve been there. But, what I’ve taken away from the last few years and as I eased into the swing of college coursework is that it is so important to listen to your brain and body when you need a break. Although it may seem beneficial to push until the last second, starting your studying strategies earlier, getting a good night’s sleep, going for a walk in the middle of the day, and truly utilizing “brain breaks” was an essential key to my success. Not only did doing so help me keep a sense of motivation, but it allowed me to retain so much more information than I would have in brain overdrive mode.

  1. Take advantage of the city that you’re in!

College provides such a unique time period in the sense of offering four years (if able) to immerse yourself and live in a new environment and city that you may never again. Recently, I’ve taken advantage of surrounding neighborhoods, sought out new restaurants, cafes, or bars, and seen everything that Madison has to offer! Whether this looks like walking to a new place, renting a “B-Cycle” as we do in Wisconsin, or otherwise exploring with friends, make sure to take advantage of the wonderful place where you live!

  1. Put on a smiling face always, and leave a great impression on the people you meet.

You never know how the people around you will impact your life moving forward. Many of my professors went on to provide incredible letters of recommendation that helped me land a variety of internships. Many of the friends I made in my student organization offered me their votes when I ran for Vice President. And many of my sorority sisters have become lifelong best friends. So, no matter where you are or who you’re speaking to, offer a smile, a kind tone, and a conversation… you never know how valuable it will be!

  1. Ask for help!

Remember that you are not alone! Your friends, family, mentors, professors, advisors, and the people you surround yourself with are there to help. College is wonderful in so many ways but does not come without challenges. When they arise, know that you are not alone, and asking for help showcases strength above anything else.

  1. Go out, enjoy yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Finally, remember that you are YOUNG! Everyone says that these four years fly by, but trust me, they do. So know that that one exam that’s giving you a hard time won’t determine your future, but the memories you make spent with friends may very well carry with you throughout your entire life.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Today, we’re here to introduce you to some of our favorite ways to get organized and help set ourselves up for personal and professional success in the summer. Ever heard of Spring cleaning?! Why not make it Summer?! Keep reading to find out some of our favorite organizational habits today…

Let’s Get Organized…

  • Closet Clean-Out: First and foremost, our personal environment, including clutter and closet, has a huge impact on overall productivity feel, and motivation. If you, like myself, know that there are a bunch of pieces in your closet that haven’t seen the light of day in years, now is the perfect time to reevaluate your wardrobe by cleaning out your closet. Doing so will allow you to gauge what you have, what you may treat yourself to, and overall de-clutter your living space.
  • Goal Reevaluation: Just as we’ve reminded you throughout the year, a change of season will always prove a fantastic time to reevaluate goals that you’ve set out to achieve over the course of the year. Are you staying on track to measurable metrics? Is this the motivator you need to dive back into your original plans? If so, we recommend writing goals down, sharing with friends and family to create a support and accountability system, and beginning to get on track today!
  • Switch Up Your “WFH” Office Environment: One reason that you may be feeling stuck or lacking creativity/motivation is that you’ve been situated in the same physical space for far too long. Simply moving an office work-from-home desk towards a window, moving work out of your bedroom, adding a new step to your routine (like morning breakfast, smoothie, or coffee!) will help you feel a sense of rejuvenation and a new beginning.
  • Schedule Productivity: Finally, we always encourage you to document time for yourself (even if it looks like work!) into your schedule. Not only does doing so inform those around you of your plans and when they can expect you to be “reachable”, but it allows you to stay accountable to your own plan and check another task off your to-do list! Scheduling in time for a closet cleanout, a home re-org., a morning walk, and any other activity will serve as both a reminder to do so and motivation to get started!

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog, today we’re here to help those of you (like myself) whose responsibilities have partially cleared up in the last few weeks. If you’re between coursework, internship start dates, seeking new hobbies, or otherwise looking to fill the day when there aren’t any requirements on the schedule, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out our favorite ways to fill the day here!

Hobbies and Activities…

  • Exercise: First and foremost, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to move your body, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and get into exercise! Whether this looks like weight-lifting, cardio, yoga, or any other type of workout, every step counts. Incorporating exercise into your routine 2-3 times a week (or otherwise specified by your doctor) is a great way to set yourself up for future success, create self-accountability, and fill up the day.
  • Walking: While exercising or physically going to the gym can be intimidating for first-timers or those interested in immersing in fitness, walking is a fantastic medium to get your body moving, stay healthy, and still get a great workout in. Even just 20 minutes around the block will help you build up stamina each day to increase your endurance more and more.
  • Hiking, Biking, Spending time Outdoors: Piggybacking off of the walking idea, any activity outdoors is an amazing way to get yourself out of the house, incorporate physical workouts and health, and get to see the city you live in! Especially those of you who are situated in a warm, green climate with opportunities to take advantage of, look through your community’s resources to see how you can take advantage of nearby trails, outdoor activities, and more.
  • Meditating and Mindfulness: If you’re looking for a filler throughout the workday, a short activity, or a way to start your morning, we highly encourage you to investigate mindfulness or meditation activities. These can span as short as a few minutes and as long as you see fit, and are an amazing measure of feeling grounded before embarking on the day and gathering your thoughts in a meaningful, succinct way.
  • Crafting: Another way to clear your headspace and create inner peace is by crafting! Pick up that paintbrush, purchase that sketchbook, sign up for a class, and find your groove. Crafting can take on an endless quantity and variety of forms, so finding what works for you can be an amazing adventure and a way to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Cooking: One of my favorite ways to spend the day is by trying out new recipes and cooking new things in the kitchen! This is a great way to connect with family, friends, and roommates, and to build a new skill.
  • Reaching out and Reconnecting: Finally, we encourage you to take advantage of free time to reconnect with people you may have fallen out of touch with! Whether this is a phone call, email, quick text, or any other form of communication, you will be amazed how amazing it feels to build and maintain connections with friends, peers, family and more.

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Hello everyone! Today, we’re helping those last-minute candidates as you enter into the Summer months and continue your job search. Besides checking out a variety of websites to obtain information about potential interview questions, how can you personally prepare to present your best professional self? One of our top recommendations is to find your own strengths through a plethora of resources, questions, and more. Keep reading to find out our favorite ways to do so…

Finding Your Strengths…

  • Personality Tests: Generally a free and accessible resource, personality tests continue to gain popularity and value in the professional workplace! There are dozens of personality tests available on the internet for you to take that will help you identify your personality type, and therefore your strengths (and weaknesses). This is a vastly important test to take before applying to jobs and even identifying which type of career will suit you best. Check out some of the most useful personality tests provided by Forbes here!
  • Reach Out: When searching for your strengths and weaknesses, reach out to those with who you spend the most time. Whether this looks like a family member, professor, mentor coworker, friend, or partner, these people interact with you from an external standpoint and view you in a different way than yourself. Ask them what they believe your strengths are and where they think you could improve. After all, these people spend the most time with you and are able to see you shine in all aspects of life (when you’re having fun, working, relaxing, etc.). This is another free resource for you, so use it!
  • Activities and Education: Another way to identify where you excel is by analyzing your performance in school/activities. If there are areas of education where you have encountered improvement, growth, or naturally excel at, identify them as your strengths. This is another way to help you understand which careers would match most closely with your personality and performance. Additionally, if you are a naturally gifted athlete, or excel in another activity, think about the value of this interest to you in your daily life. Do you want to incorporate this pursuit into your future career?
  • Use It! The awareness you’ve gained of your strengths and weaknesses is only as useful as you make it. Include experiences that showcase your strengths on your resume, and make sure to incorporate them into your interview conversation. Showcase that you understand yourself, your passions, and your desires in order to present yourself as the best candidate for any job. Additionally, don’t be afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses! We all have them! Be transparent with your interviewer, explain the exact, specific steps you are taking to improve, and you are sure to appear motivated and prepared.

Hopefully, you will use these strategies and ultimately figure out all of your strengths and weaknesses. Remember, all people excel and struggle in various areas, it’s normal. Good luck!

Need some help? Read our blog to find out what recruiters are looking for!

Understand your attributes but struggling to figure out what you want to do in life? Find out here!

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Hello everyone! As many of our academic years wrap up, today we’re here to remind you of the importance of expressing gratitude for the people around you on a daily basis. Even more, we’re focusing on the importance of remembering to thank your high school teachers, college professors, mentors, academic advisors, and all academic support for what they do! Keep reading to find out how to do so…

Thanking Your Professors…

  • Write a Note: If you are able to connect with your professor, teacher, or advisor in person, then we absolutely encourage you to write a handwritten card to serve as a thank you for the past semester and year! If you are able to drop off this note in person, the connection of seeing one another eye-to-eye is all the more meaningful. This is also a great way to get to know your professor for a few minutes outside of course hours! Expressing interest in their future plans as they do your own will set the foundation as an ongoing professional connection for years to come.
  • Send an Email: If you are unable to deliver a handwritten note in person (and that’s okay!) then we highly encourage you to pursue a digital route and instead send a thoughtful email to express thanks. Make sure to express a positive and genuine tone, a bit of a unique perspective on the characteristics of the class, and an otherwise meaningful note that doesn’t resemble a copy and pasted template.
  • Be specific! Piggybacking off of the above, make sure to always be as specific as you can about their course! What about the material interested you? What did you take away? How did this impact your future interests or career motives? What did this class mean to you! Answering any of these questions will absolutely set you up for a meaningful and memorable message.
  • Connect on LinkedIn: Finally, and similar to our above message, make sure to take advantage of these people as career resources! Many college professors are well-connected to the industries in which they teach and have obtained a plethora of valuable experience in the field that you may be entering into. By establishing a professional connection with these individuals, you never know when their future recommendation will provide the exact foot in the door that you need!

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Hello, summer school students or recent graduates! Are you in high school? College? Finishing off your degree? Well, summer courses prove the perfect opportunity to get ahead, stay on track, or catch up to your graduation requirements. Keep reading to find out how to take advantage of summer courses here…

Summer School Opportunities…

  • Ease into Challenging Coursework: One of my main pieces of advice for any college students that are dreading a specific course requirement, nervous about a certain course, or “avoiding” a topic that is historically hard at a University, then take it at another summer school! I am a huge fan of enrolling at a local community college (granted that you’ve confirmed course requirements will shift over) and getting a few of the especially challenging courses out of the way to ease your regular semesters. Doing so will help you stay on track to graduation, and ease your experience at the University during school months.
  • Get Ahead: While summer courses may help you stay on track towards graduating, certain students may be reading this article and thinking that if they are already on track, these courses may not be necessary. Well, I’m here to tell you that getting ahead of course requirements will equal if not ease up even more of your time during school months. If you think that becoming a part-time student may allow you to tack on an extra internship, job, or general leadership opportunity, then easing up a few of your final classes by taking them instead of over the summer will open up the time and space to do so!
  • Take Advantage of Free Time: Many of us have aimed at endless internships and job opportunities with a bit of a lack of luck over the last year. So, if you’re entering into summer with more free time than you had anticipated, then exploring a new kind of course material, or getting ahead is a great way to keep yourself occupied and benefit your “future” self without wasting the free time afforded to you over the next few months.
  • Chat with Your Advisor! Before you engage with summer enrollment, we recommend that you speak with an academic or student advisor to confirm the requirements you have left, see which Universities will translate over, and otherwise confirm your interests! Good luck!

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Happy Thursday everyone! Today, we’re discussing the importance of preserving work ethic amidst, exams, a lull at the office, a stagnant period, or any other productivity loss throughout the year. If you’re feeling like you need a refresh to up your motivation in your personal and professional life, keep reading here!

Work Ethic Preservation Tips…

  • Hydrate – One of the best ways to help your body get back into the swing of a healthy week is to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Keep a water bottle by your desk and set goals throughout the day to keep yourself accountable – you may even try setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder!
    • Extra tip – Many nutritionists recommend drinking apple cider vinegar after an indulgent weekend… give it a try!
  • Healthy Fuel –  Starting your Monday with a healthy breakfast will rejuvenate your body and ensure that you are feeling energized and prepared for the week’s obligations. Whether this means a cup of tea, a bowl of fruit, a plate of eggs, or any source of nutrients, charging your metabolism in the morning is key to a fueled workday.
  • Workout – Working out is a guaranteed bonus to your day, and also a great way to set the tone for the rest of your week. If getting to the gym or in-home workout space proves your greatest challenge, try changing into workout clothes towards the end of your workday to ease the transition.
  • Organize! – Making a to-do list, filling out a daily planner or calendar, or even using a sticky note and writing down what you need to complete is proven to help individuals accomplish their daily tasks and goals. This will also keep you organized and decrease your chance of forgetting a meeting or assignment.
  • Check-In – If you don’t check your work email on the weekends, make sure to get that sorted out too. Try creating a “priority” folder to move all of your most important emails from the weekend into. That way, you will at least be able to get back to your most important messages, even if you are unable to reach all of your emails in one day.
  • Let Yourself Breathe – Schedule breaks into your day as you would any other obligation. Letting yourself have time to relax is equally as important as completing your work.

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Welcome back to our fantastic followers and candidates! We are both grateful and hopeful to be back in the full swing of our work as we connect and recruit many of you for new positions. In the process of doing so, it’s crucial to nail your responses, thank you notes, and the timing of each component of the recruiting process. Learn how to do so below…

While Applying to Jobs

While you are in the application stage of employment, it is crucial to set reminders to check your email so as to be able to reply as quickly as possible to recruiters! More likely than not, your first receipt of communication will be a receipt of application and intention to schedule an interview. By replying ASAP, you will be guaranteed the widest opening of interview options to take advantage of. If you have conflicts or a busy schedule, this will be an especially important advantage for you as a candidate. Replying ahead of other competitors will also help you stand out as a motivated and dedicated individual!

Extra Tip: Make sure to always include an email signature line with the following: name, title, address, phone number, fax number, or any other crucial contact information.

While Interviewing

While interviewing, the communication that will drop into your inbox may look like a follow-up call, interview, explanation of the next steps, or even an offer of employment! Remember that in order for a company to move forward with their interviewing process, they need to hear from YOU first! Just as a timely response (aim for within a 24-hour window of receipt), will showcase your initial excitement about a role, a timely response of acceptance of negation will likely do the same.

In your responses, always be mindful of: tone, clarity, concise language, avoidance of “fluff”, and overall excitement! 

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Welcome back, everyone! Today, let’s talk: how you should aim to be perceived as a candidate online. In today’s climate, it’s almost guaranteed that each candidate comes with a social profile of their own. Whether this means Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, or several more, we know that we all spend a great deal of time on social media each day. So, how should you aim to come across from your “socials”? Find out below!

Crucial Social Platform Presentation:

We’ll focus on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Personal Professionalism:

While we know that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should not be equally considered like a resume as it relates to who you are as a candidate, the reality is that many and probably a majority of employers will check your online presence from all angles. Although it’s not uncommon for individuals to share political opinions on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or maybe a picture at a bar on the weekends on Instagram, we encourage you to try to stay as neutral as possible regarding your opinions and weekend engagements online. A simple rule of thumb is to ask “would I post this if I knew my boss was viewing it?” If you think a certain post may spark up a heated debate, may cause your employer to question your professionalism, may offend someone on your team, etc., the answer seems pretty clear!

Steer Clear of Steamy Topics:

Piggy-backing off of the paragraph above, we encourage you to steer clear of highly controversial subjects online. Especially given the climate and the high emotions of the last year, we hope that you keep debates (and sometimes arguments!) inside the household or to friends and family. Engaging with strangers through the screen almost always ends up in conflict, so it’s better to engage with “safe” topics like family, pets, hobbies, exercise, friends, restaurants, food, and other fun aspects of life! Remember, it’s almost guaranteed that we are all on socials these days, but that doesn’t mean our personal life is completely separate from work. As we are all more connected than ever before, we must remember that our employers, teammates, and management use these platforms too and will likely see what you are posting and doing!

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