Building a Personal Brand Series 1

Happy Thursday! To build off of our most recent article about building a brand following, today we’re here to introduce you to series 1 of some ongoing lessons about what it means to have an build a personal brand. Whether this is intended to do so as a professional endeavor, revenue stream, or personal hobby, understanding and cultivating a personal brand is a fantastic way to grow in the New Year! Keep reading to find out how to do so…

Your Personal Brand…

  • Interactions: The way you interact with your followers, company, or others is an essential component of your brand. Are you someone who hopes to offer value through promotional branding deals or advertising content? Do you hope to be regarded as a reliable employee or a wealth of knowledge? How do you enter a room or guide a presentation? Are you an active listener? All of these ideas factor into how others perceive who you are and what you bring to a friendship, relationship, or professional connection.
  • Reach: If you read the above and immediately envisioned an “influencer post” lined with brand deals, promotional tags, discount codes, etc., then focusing on reach the largest quantity of followers through likes, comments, shares, and other interactions is crucial to achieving the largest brand “reach.” If this avenue is integral to the career you hope to achieve, then it may be time to look into paid promotions and other paid content through Google ads or paid promotions on other social platforms like Facebook or Pinterest!
  • Values: Who you are and what you value as the building blocks of your brand. Is your career your first priority? Building a family? Finding a significant other? Starting new friendships? Moving somewhere new? Whatever is at the forefront of your mind will guide your personal brand, posts, conversations, relationships, and daily discussions. So, writing down a list of values and figuring out what is most important to you is a great place to start.
  • Demographics: Who relates to your content? What are their ages? Genders? Hobbies? Locations? Consumption habits? Identifying your followers through gauging these types of analytics will help you optimize the content you post to best deliver to their needs.

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