Building Communication with Professors

Welcome back from the weekend to all of our lovely followers! We hope that this weekend brought you relaxation and rejuvenation for another work week. And to our Texas friends, we hope that this week brings warmth and we continue to keep each of you in our thoughts through these unprecedented challenges and difficult times.

Today, we’re targeting our student followers and candidates! If you’re in the market of applying to a new job, temporary work, internship, or additional education opportunities like grad-school, then you will likely encounter a request for a letter of recommendation or reference. In our virtual year, how can we build relationships with professors and increase our comfort in doing so? Find out here!

Building Communication…

Schedule “Networking” Zoom Calls

Teachers and professors, at the end of the day, are totally normal people just like me and you! When they spend hours a week talking to a screen and often a returned black screen and absence of a student, we can ensure that they are feeling the lost connection as well. For that reason, we encourage you to create an introductory email to introduce yourself and get to know the person behind the computer. Whether this becomes an academic question or conversation, or simply a “get-to-know-you” call, this type of networking creates a great base for developing a relationship and personifying the way you view your professor.

Become an “Active” Listener and Student

While scheduling an online call through Zoom or even chatting on the phone is a great way to make a connection outside of sole school work, becoming an active and engaged course room participant is a perfect way to begin differentiating yourself from your classmates and make your presence known. As we continue to encourage you, speak up when you are interested in more information or hopeful about clarifying a subject! Teachers encourage you to ask questions for a reason, and remember that you’re in the class to learn is a great motivator for extracting the most value from that hour by asking questions, diving deeper, and obtaining a true understanding of the course material.

Above all, it is crucial that your teacher get to know who you are as a student, your work ethic, and a bit about what makes you “you” so that when the time comes they are excited and prepared to assist you in your next journey. So, get started today!

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