New Years Resolution Updates!

Woohoo! We’ve almost made it to yet another weekend. However, before we do so, we want to check back in with those of you who decided to embark on New Year’s resolutions. How have you been keeping up with your goals? How should you improve upon them so that they are as attainable, achievable, and realistic as possible? Keep reading to find out…

Resolution Upkeep

  • Beneficial Goals are SMART: Goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound are those that will help you gain the greatest improvements and yield the largest success!
  • Set a Time-Frame: Creating a scheduled time frame in which you allow yourself to reach your goal, or portions of your goal along the way (i.e.: one additional mile walked per week), is a great way to help yourself stay on track and be held responsible for your personal progress!
  • Take it Step by Step: If you are someone who has set out an entire list of goals for the upcoming year, we congratulate you! We also encourage you to remember that it is important to choose one goal at a time and potentially begin with prioritizing those that are most important to your growth. Remembering that there are 12 months in the year, and breaking goals up between months, seasons, quarters of the year, etc. is a great way to decrease the overwhelming draw to attaining too many accomplishments.
  • Prepare for Challenge: As glamorous as it sounds to set a new goal each year, whether this relates to professional development, fitness, family and friends, or something personal, each goal is nearly guaranteed to be accompanied by a challenge! Your dedication will definitely be tested, so remember, failure is a vital component of success! And always make sure to be patient and kind to yourself as you work to push yourself out of your comfort zone to reach new personal heights.
  • Value Your Support System: You are not in this alone! Millions of individuals develop a set of goals each time we ring in the new year…  likely, some of these people will include family, friends, coworkers, or even mentors! Use teamwork to grow with others as a team, as support may very well be the fuel that allows you to achieve your resolutions.
  • Keep a Running List of Accomplishments: Without a doubt, it is easier to be held down by struggles than it is to feel uplifted by incremental successes. In order to combat this, we encourage you to keep a running note, list, or post-it of each small goal or step of progress you’ve made. Looking back on each step you’ve taken will help you to keep moving up! Even if this means simply going to the gym and getting out of the house, a goal is a goal nonetheless.

We hope that these strategies and steps will help you all to achieve and stick to your own resolutions! Searching for a new position? Check out our open jobs list!