Catching Up this Summer!

Hello, summer school students or recent graduates! Are you in high school? College? Finishing off your degree? Well, summer courses prove the perfect opportunity to get ahead, stay on track, or catch up to your graduation requirements. Keep reading to find out how to take advantage of summer courses here…

Summer School Opportunities…

  • Ease into Challenging Coursework: One of my main pieces of advice for any college students that are dreading a specific course requirement, nervous about a certain course, or “avoiding” a topic that is historically hard at a University, then take it at another summer school! I am a huge fan of enrolling at a local community college (granted that you’ve confirmed course requirements will shift over) and getting a few of the especially challenging courses out of the way to ease your regular semesters. Doing so will help you stay on track to graduation, and ease your experience at the University during school months.
  • Get Ahead: While summer courses may help you stay on track towards graduating, certain students may be reading this article and thinking that if they are already on track, these courses may not be necessary. Well, I’m here to tell you that getting ahead of course requirements will equal if not ease up even more of your time during school months. If you think that becoming a part-time student may allow you to tack on an extra internship, job, or general leadership opportunity, then easing up a few of your final classes by taking them instead of over the summer will open up the time and space to do so!
  • Take Advantage of Free Time: Many of us have aimed at endless internships and job opportunities with a bit of a lack of luck over the last year. So, if you’re entering into summer with more free time than you had anticipated, then exploring a new kind of course material, or getting ahead is a great way to keep yourself occupied and benefit your “future” self without wasting the free time afforded to you over the next few months.
  • Chat with Your Advisor! Before you engage with summer enrollment, we recommend that you speak with an academic or student advisor to confirm the requirements you have left, see which Universities will translate over, and otherwise confirm your interests! Good luck!

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