Thank your Professors!

Hello everyone! As many of our academic years wrap up, today we’re here to remind you of the importance of expressing gratitude for the people around you on a daily basis. Even more, we’re focusing on the importance of remembering to thank your high school teachers, college professors, mentors, academic advisors, and all academic support for what they do! Keep reading to find out how to do so…

Thanking Your Professors…

  • Write a Note: If you are able to connect with your professor, teacher, or advisor in person, then we absolutely encourage you to write a handwritten card to serve as a thank you for the past semester and year! If you are able to drop off this note in person, the connection of seeing one another eye-to-eye is all the more meaningful. This is also a great way to get to know your professor for a few minutes outside of course hours! Expressing interest in their future plans as they do your own will set the foundation as an ongoing professional connection for years to come.
  • Send an Email: If you are unable to deliver a handwritten note in person (and that’s okay!) then we highly encourage you to pursue a digital route and instead send a thoughtful email to express thanks. Make sure to express a positive and genuine tone, a bit of a unique perspective on the characteristics of the class, and an otherwise meaningful note that doesn’t resemble a copy and pasted template.
  • Be specific! Piggybacking off of the above, make sure to always be as specific as you can about their course! What about the material interested you? What did you take away? How did this impact your future interests or career motives? What did this class mean to you! Answering any of these questions will absolutely set you up for a meaningful and memorable message.
  • Connect on LinkedIn: Finally, and similar to our above message, make sure to take advantage of these people as career resources! Many college professors are well-connected to the industries in which they teach and have obtained a plethora of valuable experience in the field that you may be entering into. By establishing a professional connection with these individuals, you never know when their future recommendation will provide the exact foot in the door that you need!

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