Changing Your Career: Where to Start

Last week, we showed you why going back to school might be the next best step after a layoff. However, what if that layoff ended up feeling more like a relief than anything else… could it be time for a career change? And, where would you even start? Find out here!

Starting Fresh…

  • Self-Assesment: Before you make a decision as large as this, it is crucial to run a thorough self-assessment about how you truly feel. After (always) implementing the 24-hour rule, you will be ready to clearly analyze how you felt in your previous position, about your career path and responsibilities, and even about your opportunity for lateral and vertical advancements. If you are struggling to identify aspects of your role and industry that helped you to feel truly fulfilled, happy, satisfied, or content, then this is a great indicator that you may be ready for a career 180.
  • Acceptance: It is so easy to fall into a trap of feeling as if you should have every aspect of your life figured out at an early age; we’re here to tell you that this is not the truth! You will likely undergo identity, career, relationship, environment, and several other types of adjustments at multiple times throughout your life, and that is absolutely ok. The next step towards initiating this change is accepting your decision and supporting yourself.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment: Moving forward, a great way to begin gauging potential new opportunities is through gaining an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. By channeling these aspects of your personality and skills, you will be able to start envisioning certain jobs that would appeal to your interests and abilities.
  • Consider Environment: Can you envision yourself in a completely new city or environment? Are you ready for a new climate or a complete restart? Transitioning into a new role is a perfect time to explore a new location.
    • Extra tip: We encourage you to begin comparing the price of living across various communities, cities, and states to be able to assess how you would be able to sustain a comfortable routine in a new space (staying within your budget is your best bet!).
  • Utilize Your Network: Once you have started to visualize a new place, role, position, responsibility, trait, skill, or some aspect of your new endeavor, then you can begin nailing down other people’s perspectives both of your decision and of their experience in a similar position. Always utilize your network, alumni, friends, and family to gauge new opportunities before diving in headfirst! Consulting mentors and all connections you’ve worked to cultivate will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of your next transition and what you can expect on a daily basis.
  • Apply! Especially at Esquire, we understand and encourage you to get your foot in the door in whatever manner you can! Whether this means throwing an application out on Indeed or LinkedIn, passing along your information to a connection, or setting up an information interview/coffee chat, you never know when your next best opportunity may fall into your lap. Remember to be confident both in yourself and in your capabilities; you’ll land the position in no time!

With these strategies, you are bound to redefine your career in no time. So, get to those chats and phone calls today!

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