Heading Back to School After a Layoff

After experiencing a layoff, you are bound to feel a whirlwind of emotions. One of those emotions may inevitably be “lost.” However, today we’re here to provide with at least one concrete route to take after experiencing a job loss… and that is… returning to school! Whether you do so to further your education or completely shift industries, each provide their own set of awesome advantages and outcomes.

Furthering Education…

  • Advancing your Degree: Especially in the business industry, it is easy to fall into the feeling of being stagnant in your career. Often, you can advance a decent amount right out of college! However, those who are seeking true executive titles often feel the push to further their degree in order to achieve these roles. If you are someone identifying with that career “plateau,” now may be the perfect time for you to increase your skills and qualifications through an advanced degree.
  • Picking up New Skills: New skills, both in the form of soft and technical, are unmatched assets in setting you aside as a qualified, capable employee. Even if this means just taking one new introductory class on a topic you have no prior experience with, adding new skills or certificates to a resume is a key to achieving new and subsequent successes!
  • Refresher: 10, 20 years out of college… where has the time gone?! If you are far enough removed from college to begin forgetting professors, course titles, or the components of your degree then this is a perfect time to enroll in a few refresher courses! Not only will this make you a stronger employee, but it will allow you to stay up to date with how courses are taught and the key topics and skills required to stay ahead of your industry.

Changing Your Career…

There are few times in your life when you will be truly placed with a turning point, fork in the road opportunity to assess your career. However, if you’ve just endured a layoff, this is your time. Take a step back and truly evaluate how satisfied and fulfilled you feel when completing your current work, finishing projects, and working on the teams you are a part of. If you dread heading into the office, live “5 days for 2” (the weekend), or don’t feel challenged, this may be a great time to initiate a complete career 180! If hearing this excites you, but you aren’t quite sure how to even begin a career transition, make sure to tune into our next article where we will map out starting steps to get you right on track!

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