Check In With Clients This Holiday Season

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break! I definitely filled up on as much food as possible and spent the break relaxing with friends and family. But of course, right after Thanksgiving, the decorations are immediately swapped out for holiday décor. As the holiday season is quickly approaching, today I will talk about the importance of reaching out to clients over the holiday season.

Do you have to reach out to clients during the holiday season? Yes! Personal touches like this can make or break a relationship. Clients will take note of who is reaching out and store that information away for later so be sure to follow these three tips.


  • Get Ahead: don’t wait until late December to reach out to clients. It is important to get ahead to avoid when clients may be on holiday and work is the last thing on their mind. Be sure to think about your industry and when reaching out will be most beneficial.
  • Make Friends: This is not your stereotypical sales pitch. You want to understand your client’s needs and address them. You should not be aggressively pitching your products but instead, make a connection with your client. is important to tone down your message and take interest with new and existing customers on a personal level. Pro tip: if this is a long-term relationship, be sure to remember some facts about your clients. Using things they have mentioned down the line will let them know that you care about the relationship and will bode well for more business.
  • Set Next Steps: In a conversation, it is always important to set the next steps so clients can understand when your next communication will be or what it will look like. Relationships are all about communication! Make sure to let the client know when you will be out of the office and when you will be returning. This way, you both can have a relaxing break and then you can plan your next check-in.


I hope this gets you thinking about reaching out to clients this holiday season. It will strengthen relationships and that is critical for success.

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