Ringing in 2022!

Welcome back, everyone! We apologize for our short hiatus and will push the blame towards holiday relaxation, carb-loading, and time with friends and family. However, we didn’t want to miss out on a special opportunity to reflect on 2021 ahead of the New Year. We know that especially now, it may feel difficult to maintain a hopeful vision for what 2022 may hold, but COVID aside, there are several ways to enter the New Year with a positive mindset and gratitude.

Ringing in the New Year…

  • Resolutions: Even though this concept may feel overworked or cliche, the idea of setting goals to better yourself and become the best version of you is an idea as old as time for a reason… it works! So, if you are still feeling the residual effects of working from home, screen fatigue, and more, there’s no better time to get ahead of productivity, goals, and measures of accountability than right before the new year begins. Whether this be a metric for days you go to the gym or workout from your home, minutes you hope to spend meditating, a new diet you’re hoping to test (I recommend plant-based!), new friendships you’re seeking, or any other small life alteration, documenting these goals is a fantastic way to create accountability.
  • Manifestations: This leads us into a theme that has stayed strong over the last few years…manifestation! So, what does this mean? Well, Google defines this concept as, “the action or fact of showing an abstract idea”… but we call this documentation and speaking your goals out loud for the universe to hear! There are several manifestation outlines that you can fill in online, or you can simply speak these thoughts out loud in a form not too far from meditation so as to verbally document your hopes for the future. It is “proven” (this, we are not 100% sure of), that putting these thoughts into the world will help you bring them to fruition, so why not give it a chance?
  • “Mood Boards”: Yes, you heard us right. And no, we’re not expecting you to create the top of line, Pinterest-esque picture to share with the world. But, we hope that you will consider finding a few inspirational visions online and collecting them in a shared space to look back on throughout the year and measure how you are weighing up against your aspirations for the new year. Whether this is a new pet, a friend or family expansion, relocation, new job pursuit, small goals, a new piece of clothing, a fitness regime, a vacation destination, a new hobby, class, journal, or anything your mind leads to… it’s right for you! And there is no better time to start than the present!

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