Coursework Excellence

Happy Thursday everyone! With the second semester of high school, college, and post-grad work beginning in the past few weeks for all of us, I thought there was no better time to offer study tips and strategies to get ahead and on top of coursework in 2021! If you are intimidated by a class, feeling like you have a heavy workload, struggling to connect with professors, or otherwise feeling the challenges of “virtual learning,” this article is for you. Keep reading to find out how to get back on track here…

Achieving Excellence in School…

  • Connect with Students: First and foremost, maintaining connections inside and outside of the classroom is the key to balancing social “work” and school work. Don’t be nervous to reach out to classmates, let your voice be heard in course chat rooms and discussion boards, and connect with others! Doing so will not only help you replicate the feeling of a normal year but will afford you with resources and study buddies when exams and final times begin.
  • Get Involved! At almost all Universities, student organizations and involvement opportunities have found ways to transition their normal activities to the virtual format. Look into campus resources or ask other classmates and teachers about ways to get involved outside of coursework. Having a “purpose” on campus is a built-in accountability tool that will help you reach daily and weekly goals, build friendships, and cultivate new skillsets. If you are a college student, make sure to attend campus-wide and school organization fairs to learn about all available opportunities and types of clubs. No matter what you’re looking for (academic, physical, sport, volunteer, or other orientations) I can guarantee there is some variation of an organization that will meet your desire!
  • Activate Vulnerability: Although it may make us feel uncomfortable, being vulnerable and asking for help (to students or professors) is an important component of being a student. Especially from our rooms and homes, we feel farther from other students and professors than ever before. But trust me, the way your feeling is almost always the same as another student! So, I encourage you to reach out to the professor solely to chat and get to know one another or take advantage of the course list to reach out to a few students.
  • Use Resources and Tools: Ultimately, in order to excel, utilize all resources and tools given to you! This may be an open library, study spot in your apartment or dorm, professor “hours,” software programs, online databases and libraries, student organizations, syllabi, canvas calendars or Outlook communications, and many more. Finding your comfort level with technology, creating some type of “to-do” or scheduling log to keep track of all assignments, and connecting with others is the best way to stay on top of obligations and set yourself up for success.

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