Coworkers: How to Get Along and Be the Best One

If you’re looking to achieve recognition from your boss or coworkers, a potential promotion or raise, or an advancement within your company, there is no better way to do so then by elevating your relationships with others by becoming the ideal coworker! Remember, your coworkers are those people who you will likely spend more time with than anyone else. Learn how to do so here and we guarantee you that your work environment will cultivate into an even more pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere than (we hope) it already is!

  • Offer a Friendly Face: In creating relationships with coworkers, you will either find yourself entering a completely new office setting, or welcoming someone into your own. In either position, maintain awareness of the way you exude your first impression. The value of a smile and greeting is enormous and nearly guaranteed to help you create a positive lasting impression on the people you will be working with far into the distant future.
  • Show Respect: We know what you’re thinking, of course, this one is obvious! However, you would be surprised at how easily a coworker can offend another by disregarding small offensive comments that seriously hurt the feelings of others. Some topics to maintain awareness of include religion, politics, sexual orientation, etc. Always make a point of respecting the desires of others! For example, if the coworker next to you prefers to keep their desk spotless, make an extra effort to keep your area clean.
  • Keep Work at Work: You may find yourself becoming super close with your coworkers and that is great. However, we want to remind you of the importance of keeping work talk at work, to avoid the chance of embarrassing someone without the intention to or bringing up a weekend memory that should stay in the weekend.
  • Maintaining Office Etiquette: By showcasing your etiquette at work, you will be showing others respect and also creating an image of yourself as someone who is easy to work with and pleasant to be around. Someone of the ways you may portray etiquette are by keeping your area clean, maintaining an appropriate volume during personal and professional phone calls, being aware of when coworkers are busy and making sure not to be a distraction.
  • Stay Out of Drama: If workplace drama ever arises, make sure to stay out of it! At the end of the day, work is a place for work, not social interaction. For that reason, there should almost never be a circumstance where you find yourself involved in drama. We assure you that those people who stay neutral are recognized and praised by their coworkers and especially their supervisors!
  • Display Appreciation and Acknowledgment: Have you ever found yourself hoping to be recognized for your hard work? Well if your answer is yes, you are just like everyone else! Remember that in treating your coworkers. There is no better way to show your care for others at work than by vocalizing your appreciation and acknowledging their efforts. This is also a great way to help them stay on task and motivated as a teammate!

By putting effort into these six strategies, we are certain that you will find your workplace relationships flourishing and become all the more strong. Becoming someone with the quality of being a fantastic coworker will undoubtedly set you up for permanent workplace success.

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