Creating Effective Presentations: How To Guide

If you have ever worked in a professional environment, we can almost guarantee that you have been required to sit through a presentation. Presentations have historically been and still remain to be, one of the greatest assets used to convey information throughout a firm. However, without an engaging demonstration, presentations are nearly worthless.

Find out how to create engaging presentations below!

  • Practice! As much as you may believe that you are able to go up and wing your presentation to your team, we promise you that with practice, you will deliver information with greater ease, poise, and confidence. There is no greater way to show your audience that you care than by being prepared.
  • Hook Your Audience: We encourage you to work extra hard to nail the first few minutes of your presentations! Find some kind of hook that will immediately raise the interest of the room, and you are guaranteed to keep their engagement for longer than you would have. Whether this is a surprising statistic, image, or video, try searching something unexpected and exciting.
  • Focus on a “You” View: In order to engage your coworkers and supervisors, you must express why they should care about what you are saying. Provide reasons why your idea will benefit them, the efficiency of the firm, or team proficiency. By doing so, you will show your audience that you value their time while proving the purpose as to why they are there.
  • Be Honest: If there are still aspects of your project, idea, or work that you are presenting, be honest with the people your presentations are guided towards. This honesty will prove your ingenuity and help you to portray yourself as a liable employee, not one who covers up potential challenges in order to “succeed”.
  • Keep Things Simple: Maintaining awareness of your time limit is essential to creating a successful presentation. For that reason, work to make your idea as simple as possible. Once you help your audience get on board, questions will follow and you will be able to dive into deeper detail. Starting off with too complex of a plan will create a disconnect with your listeners.
  • Be Aware of Your Tone and ExpressionMake sure to keep your tone upbeat, positive, and inviting. Additionally, smiling and maintaining eye contact with your audience will help you to elevate their interest while allowing them to feel like team members instead of sole viewers or critiques. Walk in with a straight posture, a friendly attitude, and a genuine smile, and you will already be off to a solid start. Don’t forget, body language showcases intention!
  • Be Personal: Weave in stories, anecdotes, or other pieces of information that will allow your presentations to come across as more natural and story-like. By doing so, you will help your demonstration to be segregated from a mere work obligation and instead become an interesting escape from the everyday work routine.

Remember, presentations are a component of your professional career that cannot be avoided! Begin practicing now, and you will find yourself an expert in no time!

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