Suggesting a Change at Work

We know the uncomfortable feeling that comes with initiating change, especially if you are new to your position or company! However, we have some tips in store for you that will help you to do so in the most graceful way possible, ultimately allowing you to achieve your ideal results. Learn more about them here…

  • Adopt a “You-View”: Remember, you are the salesman and your own greatest cheerleader, so you must be able to convince others to think the same way as you have. There’s no better way to do so than by clearly outlining the benefits for others that your change initiates. By adopting a “you view” and shaping the premise of your argument around the positive components to others, you are much more likely to convince people of your ideas.
  • Be Creative: Before presenting an idea to a co-worker, team, or boss, make sure to be able to visualize the idea and convey it in several different ways so as to be confident in reaching your audience. Whether this is through email, phone call, slide deck, or another channel, be creative and flexible in how you present information!
  • Know that it’s Not Personal: It is easy to take offense to those who may not agree with your own idea, but it is crucial that you remember, in business nothing is personal! Negative feedback is not a reflection on you as a person. 
  • Be Patient: It is vital to be conscious of your own level of patience. It is unlikely that your change will sell to the whole team or become implemented overnight, so remember to wait out the outcome instead of becoming anxious. Good things come to those who wait!
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude and Tone: No matter how many people may get you down, always maintain a positive presence. Not only will this showcase your confidence, but will convince others to become more positive as well.
  • Encourage Feedback: The chance that every aspect of your idea will go over well with your department is slim to none. So, be open and encouraging of feedback from coworkers, mentors, or supervisors! A critique does not mean that your idea will not pass but is instead a way to make it all the more strong.
  • Suggest Compromise: Especially during team or group projects and presentations, it is extremely valuable to exhibit an attitude built on a willingness to compromise. This will allow other people in your group to feel more valued and ultimately become more willing to accept your change.
  • Expect Resistance: There is no greater way to prepare for an idea presentation that by expecting people to react negatively to change. Many people become stuck in their own routines, and the thought of changing what is easy seems unattractive. However, attitudes, like ideas, are subject to change! Remember this as you continue to persuade those around you.
  • Use Inclusive Language: Be aware of the way you critique current environments or conditions as you suggest change. Instead of using terms such as, “This sucks,” “This doesn’t work at all,” “This always goes horribly,” try using more positive language like, “I enjoy this aspect of ____, but believing changing ___ could benefit,” “I believe that together we can achieve higher success by altering ___.” Initial tone and language are a large determiner in the response you will receive!

Remembering these strategies will allow you to suggest and conduct change with confidence and grace!

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