Empowering Body Language

Body language is one of the most valuable components of interactions, as it often will solidify the impact that you leave on others. Now that you are familiar with which movements and expressions are important to avoid, it’s time you should learn those that are essential to express! Keep reading to find out more…

  • Eye-Contact: One of the greatest ways to instill a positive impression on others is by showing them that you value their skills and attributes, and pay attention to what they say on a consistent basis. So, how should you do this? Well, aside from enacting active listening skills, make sure you maintain eye contact in conversation! Without wandering eyes, you are sure to absorb and retain much more of what others say.
  • Straight Posture: As we’ve previously discussed, any slouching indicates a lack of confidence and even in some instances insecurity. Avoid these negative impressions by standing up straight and directly facing your audience. Whether you are speaking to a group of 100 or 5 people, showcasing a straight posture will convey confidence, preparation, and leadership.
    • Extra note: Especially when you are delivering presentations which come with a visual component, make sure you face your audience so as to not block any slides, graphs, tables, visuals, etc.!
  • Free your Arms and Hands: Standing with your arms and hands open at your sides will help you to create a much more welcoming, warm, and comfortable atmosphere. Always avoid standing with your arms crossed, on your hips for too long, gripping your arms, setting them behind your head, or in any unprofessional stance. Additionally, we encourage you to deliver presentations with energy and enthusiasm, but always make sure to limit your hand and body movements so as not to distract your viewers.
  • Genuine Smile and Laugh: Let’s be real here, no one expects anyone to be smiling and laughing 24/7, in fact, that will ultimately come across as inauthentic. However, make sure to greet each coworker, client, boss, or person you meet with a genuine smile, and laugh when it’s natural! You will find yourself impressing others without even trying to in no time.
  • Presentation Don’ts… always be cautious of checking the time, staring at the ground, looking at your phone or watch, gazing around the room, and tapping or making small noises.
    • Do’s: Maintain eye contact with the presenter and complementary slides or physical presentation elements, sit up straight and try to avoid fidgeting, and always… take notes!

One last note, always try to read the room and the environment you are placed in! A great piece of advice I was once told is in the importance of mirroring your audience. Monitoring those you are interacting with and enacting your emotional intelligence will allow to gauge and cater to a plethora of diverse audiences!

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