Esquire Recruiting: Your One Stop Shop for Full-Service Legal Staffing

In the past six years, Esquire Recruiting has grown to be a greatly influential, successful legal recruiting firm. Throughout this journey, their team of recruiters has worked tirelessly to perform and perfect their strategies, which has allowed them to cultivate into an unbeatable force. These skills have allowed Esquire Recruiting to consistently staff legal positions worldwide, acquiring recognition in the international market and landing on the 2016 INC 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. As a company that partners with new clients frequently, we know the challenges that come with hiring and filling difficult positions. Now, we know we’re the best team to pair with, and here’s why …

Hiring in the Legal Space:

With years of experience working with all types of legal firms, small, mid-sized, and large, Esquire is intimately familiar with the type of candidate that law firms are constantly in search of. From entry-level staff up to managers, legal secretaries to business development specialists, Esquire is well-versed in the expectations that legal roles demand, and the type of employee that will best fulfill those needs. Our firm is highly connected within the legal industry and continues to expand its network daily.

Why Esquire?

Esquire Recruiting is a unique, hands-on recruiting firm. What sets us aside from most is the team of recruiters that fuels our success. With an attorney and other professionals on staff, we have been in the shoes we are filling and know how to find the best “fit”. With first-hand knowledge of the legal industry, and years of recruiting experience, our combined talent offers a wealth of resources to our clients. The Esquire team is truly a team that cares genuinely for each other, each candidate, and each client. As a boutique organization, we strive to promote and assure individualized attention to each hiring manager we work with. With that commitment, we build lasting relationships with each candidate and client we partner with. In fact, many candidates we place become clients! Every firm that pairs with Esquire is guaranteed a personal account manager backed by a collaborative team, and an unyielding promise to achieve success.

So the next time you are searching for a new employee at your law firm, think Esquire. We will conquer the challenges associated with searching and hiring for all of your new employees with motivation, dedication, and a smile!

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