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Hello everyone! As we sprung into a new season this week, we hope that many of you have engaged in refreshing strategies, clean-outs, and other means of recharging ahead of a fresh and warm next few months. Today, we have a special article in store! We’ve partnered with DesignWizard to teach you a comprehensive understanding of the main concepts and ideas around the best fonts for logos.

Are you in the business of creating new designs for your business (fonts, photos, logos, color palettes, social media posts, printed ads, and more)? Are you interested in how to best engage your audience?

Click here to view their full article and see all 50 Best Fonts for Logos!

At Esquire, not only are we in the business of connecting candidates with our wide array of clients, but we are equally interested in expanding our relationship with new businesses, startups, candidates, employees, ideas, and perspectives! That’s why when DesignWizard reached out with a great article, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to unite!

A Little About DesignWizard…

  • “Personalized: free features allowing you to magically resize your designs. Upload your fonts, photos, logos, and create custom color palettes.”
  • “Inspired: curated content that will inspire you to make amazing designs. Explore their library of over one million premium images, thousands of high-quality videos, illustrations, graphics, and more.”
  • “Protected: they ensure that every video and image in their library has been licensed for commercial use – protecting you from any copyright complications.”

Sneak Peek of Their Article…

We’ll let you in on a few secrets about what you can expect when reading their article…

  • Make sure it’s “easy to read against such a vivid background.”
  • Look into proportions: “The proportions of X example are square and structured, making it the perfect fit, and one of the best fonts for logos that are square.”
  • Vintage fonts may add an aura of professionalism and authority to any logo it’s used with.
  • Formality counts! “Bowlby One SC is a large, eye-catching display font that was designed to be used in an all-caps format. Its casual appearance is a great option for headlines and logos that don’t need to be too formal.”

We hope that you enjoyed our unique opportunity to feature an awesome company and utilize the valuable information in their article! Make sure to click to view the full page here. 

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