Getting Involved in the Spring Semester!

Hello everyone! We hope that you’re enjoying the long weekend and if you are in need of a brain break, reading this article may give you the reprise you need. Today, we’re tackling the idea of getting involved on college campuses or in high-school in the spring semester months. While the fall may bring a greater sense of traction, Spring months are equally valuable as it relates to involvement in student orgs., Greek life, volunteering opportunities, and more! Find out how to get involved below…

Getting Involved in the Spring!

Student Organizations

Above all, it should come as no shock that joining a student organization is the easiest, most convenient, and quick way to increase your student involvement outside of coursework. Whether this includes an application process or an opportunity to join an org. without prior requisites or an interview journey, student organizations offer a variety of different interests, skill builders, or new friendships. At most universities, there are campus-wide organization fairs and virtual events to learn about the span of options to join new groups! So, reach out to an advisor, friend, or even professor to identify your next and closest resource.

Volunteering Opportunities

Another great way to increase your extracurricular involvement or achieve a holistic routine while increasing fulfillment and satisfaction is through volunteering. Not only through student organizations, but in personal searches, you can identify a vast array of volunteering opportunities (especially during this year and while a large portion of our population is experiencing increased hardship). We encourage you to seek out student volunteering platforms, identify volunteer-based organizations, and ask around to find a group that will join you in your new efforts to give back!

Greek Life or Business Fraternities

Similar to the above, a large component of greek life includes their philanthropic efforts! Many organizations “COB” in the spring, meaning they provide an additional opportunity to rush their organization, get to know their members, and potentially join as a permanent and active member. If you are more interested in the professional, network, alumni, or academic side of fraternity life, then joining a business “frat” may serve as an even better opportunity to fit your preferences!

T.A or R.A Positions

Finally, if you’re looking for academic credit, potential scholarship, or paid opportunities, applying to be a teacher’s assistant in a course that you have experience in, or living in a dorm or residence hall and working in a “management” position as an RA might prove a fantastic option for you to try out this semester or in the future. Make sure to look into these opportunities as early on as possible to solidify your placement in the position!

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