How to Accept Criticism

Criticism is a part of life. Even more so, part of your evaluation will include not only the way you respond to your critiques but the actions you take to overcome your areas of development and improve yourself personally and professionally. For that reason, today we’ll teach you the exact mechanisms to allow you to accept criticism gracefully and with purpose.

Receiving and Responding to Criticism…

  • Keep Your Tone Steady: Remember, there is seldom a time when feedback or criticism caused someone to lose their job. In fact, all of your employee evaluations are intended in your best interest. So, keep in mind the importance of being able to maintain a calm and understanding demeanor, and never raising your voice! Coming off as angry or upset may cause your evaluator, manager, or whoever it may be to feel as though you don’t believe them or value what they are saying. One day you may find yourself in their shoes, so be mindful of the fact that they are helping you become your best self!
  • Be Thankful and Appreciative: For the same reason that you should try your best to maintain a calm attitude, we also encourage you to keep in mind that the person providing you with feedback undoubtedly took the time to craft a meaningful, and valuable evaluation. Make sure to thank this person for caring for you and supporting your success, as well as for taking the time to seriously identify your strengths and areas of improvement. Not only with this help ease the process for your evaluator, but it will showcase your desire and willingness to improve yourself for the sake of your team and the entire company!
  • Ask for Help! If you are sitting and pondering how in the world you should improve on the skills your discussing, ask your manager, mentor, or someone with more experience! You should absolutely feel comfortable in obtaining some guidance so as to be able to set up a list of concrete actions or steps to take to overcome any shortcomings in your performance. This will also go to showcase your dedication to improving and excelling in your position.

Remember, accepting feedback is not ideal for anyone. Not the person receiving, and not the person providing. So, ease the process by staying calm, showing appreciation, and proving your dedication to improving by setting measurable and attainable goals. Through time, you’ll be able to take feedback or critique with ease as it is a consistent component of the rest of your career. While you may be sitting in the shoes of the receiver… one day you may be the VP providing feedback to your entire company! Always stay positive and focused on the trajectory towards your future successes and career acceleration.

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