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How To Find a Job in Chicago

According to USPopulation.com, Chicago has one of the world’s biggest and most expanded economies with no single industry utilizing more than 14% of the workforce. That combined with the over 2.7 million inhabitants, can cause major competition for finding a job in Chicago.

Chicago also has the 4-the most Fortune 500 Corporate Headquarters in the US. And where there are headquarters, there are jobs. So while there is competition, there are opportunities to land your dream job in Chicago. The trick? Partnering with a staffing partner who can tailor your specific experiences, qualifications, and personality to a career and culture that will ensure

Why use a recruiting firm to find a job in Chicago?

  1. A recruiting firms job is exactly that: to connect eager potential employees with employers who are looking for top talent. While looking for a job, may be a side hobby or an activity you do in your spare time, finding jobs and connecting people is a recruiters job- and guess what? They’re really good at it!
  2. Hiring managers and HR Professionals have a lot of other responsibilities on their plate, meaning devoting the time and energy it takes to find the best candidate for the job can sometimes fall to the end of the list. Whereas finding a candidate is the primary responsibility of the recruiter, making it always a top priority.
  3. Recruiters are outsiders of your immediate circle. How is this an advantage? They are able to ask the hard questions, like salary you’re your personal goals. This helps candidates looking for employers to be vulnerable and honest to recruiters instead of crafting answers based on what a company may want to hear.
  4. Recruiters are so successful because they have the time, resources and dedication to finding the best jobs available. Recruiters have access and relationships with many people and companies, ensuring that you will receive the best experience and access to jobs as possible.
  5. Recruitment agencies and recruiters have an expansive network. This helps you find a job because they can get you access and responses in a timely manner and connect you with individuals you would not have had access to otherwise.
  6. Secret Tip: Recruiters have access to jobs have not been posted yet. With experience in the agency and connections of clients, often times companies give agencies the exclusive first look at positions that are not available to the general public.
  7. Recruitment Agencies are free of charge for candidates!

While it is totally possible to land a job meaning traditional means, in today’s day and age, connections are everything. Utilizing a recruiter who can devote their time, resources, and connections to helping you find a job in a busy metropolitan area like Chicago is the easiest, most time effective way to land a job in Chicago.

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