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7 Questions to Help You Set Your Career Goals in 2018


If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to land your dream job, then you’re not alone. As mentioned in our previous blog article, the months following the New Year are the most prevalent for landing a new job. This attributes to many factors, but likely most prominent is the promise of a new year and the burst of motivation and inspiration that comes with it. Defining your career goals can be challenging, but it is essential in helping you land your dream job in 2018.

The reality is though, new year’s resolutions are tough, as it is found that upwards of 80% of resolutions fail within the first two weeks. Landing a new job can be especially challenging considering the process can often time be long and drawn out, with high rejection rates. Another challenge is what if you’re not even sure what your dream job is or looks like? To begin the process of switching to a career you are truly passionate about, you need to do some soul-searching.

Answer these 10 questions honestly and review your answers to help you revalidate your career goals, and to help propel you into the career of your dreams. Whether you are 15 years into your career, or a newly graduated college student, self-evaluating your goals and career ambitions is always relevant. And there are some questions to ask ahead of time to ensure you’re setting the right goals; ones that are achievable too.

7 Questions to ask yourself in 2018

  • What do you wish you would have done last year that you didn’t? How can you incorporate that into your new goals for the New Year?
  • What are your top three priorities in the New Year and how will you measure progress toward achieving them?
  • What are your biggest overall career goals and what steps can you take toward achieving them in 2018?
  • What other professional development goals should you be setting? How do you plan to achieve them?
  • What are your biggest strengths? What are some ways you can put them to better use in 2018?
  • What are your biggest weaknesses? How can you overcome them in the New Year?
  • What is the number one most important thing you’d like to accomplish in 2018?

Once these questions are answered, you can effectively start setting career goals that align with your ambitions in 2018. Goal setting is challenging, but providing the right framework to be able to set the right goals is how you can create goals that are achievable, measurable, and substantial enough to help you make the leap to a career you love.

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