How to Jump-Start Your Week!

Do you ever feel like your Monday is spent catching up from the weekend and by the time you get yourself organized, it is already Wednesday? Recently with a rainy Monday, it has been hard to motivate and make the most out of my Mondays so here are some tips to get a jump start on the week:

  • Take five minutes to plan your week: what are your top priorities? What meals will you cook this week? Any appointments that need to be scheduled? Take some time on Monday to write down or type out what you need to get a handle on the week.
  • Schedule some relaxation time: instead of binge-watching your favorite TV show all weekend or checking social media 30 times throughout the day, try and schedule some time for a bit of relaxation each week. If you have a crazy busy week and don’t feel as if you have the time, while you clean your room or fold laundry, throw on some of your favorite music to keep powering through the week.
  • Say goodbye to pajamas: As the work-from-home environment made it easy to roll out of bed and hop on zoom with pajama pants and a nice t-shirt, unfortunately, this will not help you get a jump start to your week. On Monday, throw on your best outfit and you will carry that confidence with you throughout the day and week.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: without the same structure on the weekends, we may forget to drink as much water. Fill up a water bottle before heading off for the day to fight off feeling sluggish from the weekend.
  • Find something good in every day: sometimes the week drags on and other times you blink and it’s the weekend. As great as the weekend is, try and find something about every day that makes you happy. Do something every day that brings meaning into your life.

I hope these tips help you get a good start to your week. It is easy to let the week pass you by as the weather starts to turn but continue to make that effort to get outside and enjoy the fall weather.


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