How to Talk About COVID-19 in an Interview Setting

Interviews for the 2022 year are rolling around and you want to be as prepared as possible. Hannah has given great advice for some interview prep in previous blogs, but what about the topic of COVID-19!? Today I’ll share some tips on how to appropriately talk about COVID-19 in an interview setting

  • Be sensitive: this is the most important tip in my opinion! Everyone has been affected by COVID in one way or another. COVID has turned some people’s lives completely upside down, so it is important to be cognizant of how others’ families, jobs, relationships, and health may have been affected. Avoid dismissing COVID and the millions of lives that it touched because you don’t know how the interviewer dealt with the pandemic.
  • Avoid getting political: in general, you do not want to get political during a job interview. In addition to COVID, there have been many events that have come to light this past year. If you are proud of something you did, be sure to highlight possible skills relevant to the job but do your best to avoid politics.
  • Do your research on the company: make sure to check that you are a good culture fit for the company. Some companies may be more receptive to hear about your activism compared to others. Some industries may want to know what you did during the pandemic more than others, so make sure that when you’re doing research for the interview, you note what they might want to learn from you.
  • Practice: practice in an interview setting always Have a roommate, friend, or family member ask you some questions related to COVID -19 and practice your answers. Some questions you might want to think about are: How do you make sure to keep up with your work amidst a global pandemic? What was the shift to virtual work like for you? How do you handle distractions in a work-from-home setting? How do you collaborate with others in a virtual setting?

During an interview, it is almost important to be your authentic self. Stay true to know you are but know that coming prepared and practicing are a must! Even in a virtual interview, you can stand out.


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