Immersing in Culture @ Home!

As the majority of us continue to work from home, it’s now more important than ever to continue to find ways to connect with individuals and especially coworkers. Today, we’re here to investigate and offer a few tips for how you can continue to immerse yourself in your company’s culture, weigh its overall values, and maintain relationships with other employees! Whether you’re new to a company or a “vet,” culture will remain a large component of your overall job satisfaction, so keep reading to find out how to best take advantage of this part of your job…

What is Culture?

Work culture is the concept of your company’s values, beliefs, and attitudes – which ultimately influence the environment of your organization. In today’s business climate, workplace culture is very important when searching for a job. If you’re spending forty plus hours a week at an organization, it is essential that you solidify your personal alignment with the driving principles of the company!

How to Get Involved:

  • Teamwork: In your career, you will undoubtedly find yourself working on many different teams with various types of employees. Firms that monitor and encourage contribution from all team members, and from employees at all different levels are firms that exhibit true care for teamwork, and an office that values teamwork will make sure that all employees are dedicated to its morals and values. One of the greatest aspects that help employees feel valued is an organization’s ability to support and encourage uniqueness and creativity. Flexibility awarded to employees as they complete projects, responsibilities, and even paths to take to achieve goals is one of the greatest ways to measure the trust your company has in you.
  • Happy Hours: So, how do you get connected with your team? We encourage you to initiate happy hours or any type of group gatherings where your team or coworkers can get to get to specifically converse about non-work related topics. Doing so will allow you to get to know your coworkers on a personal (but still appropriate) level and take away from the “guilt” of not doing work while you’re supposed to.
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): As organizations become more and more aware of their social responsibility to create a pleasant environment for employees, it is now more common than ever to encounter ERGs. Whether the specific group is centered around identity, belief, affiliation, or hobby, joining an ERG is a great way to connect with others you already share a piece of identity with!
  • Employee Retention: While many aspects of workplace culture are nonmeasurable, employee retention is something that you can actually evaluate. Retention is a great way to measure if culture is being exhibited in an effortful manner. A workplace with a flourishing, successful culture is one that employees will want to work for forever! So, are they staying with your firm?

Above all, we hope that you remember connections and relationships can be cultivated even if they’re through a screen! Taking advantage of the above aspects of any company will allow you to mimic what it’s like to be in-office as much as possible, creating a more meaningful experience with each action you take.

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