How to Wake Up This Morning!

We know that after a few months of routine, a large weekend, or even as the weather cools, it may seem more and more difficult to spring up in the morning and get your day started! If you feel like it’s been more and more of a struggle to rise and shine, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out the best strategies that you should use to start your morning and get out of bed (even if you’re WFH and your desk is right next to you!)…

Waking Up in the Morning…

  • Create a Routine Sleeping Schedule: That’s right, the first step in creating a morning routine is actually starting off with what you do before you fall asleep! Creating a set sleeping schedule, trying to stick to a consistent bedtime, eating a balanced diet, and incorporating exercise into your weekly routine is the best way to set yourself up for a secured night of sleep. Restless nights undoubtedly pair with foggy mornings, so maintaining a consistent amount of sleep is sure to set you up for morning success.
    • Extra tip: Before jumping into bed, we encourage you to create a routine to stimulate relaxation and decompress from a day of work; this may include: drinking tea, reading a book, putting away screens, settling into a face mask, or even a simple task like lighting a candle.
  • Stray from the Snooze Button: We encourage you to best try and avoid reliance on the snooze button when you wake up in the morning. If this means setting your alarm a bit later or going to bed a bit earlier, you’re best bet is to create a wake-up call that you will be the most responsive to, instead of one paired with 30 more minutes of snoozing.
  • Immerse Yourself in Natural Lighting: We all love a hardworking blackout shade, however, simply opening up a window or rolling up the shades will allow your room to fill with the natural lighting of a morning. Reminding yourself that the outside day is starting, and escaping the call to sleep that a dark room entails will absolutely assist you in getting out of that bed and starting your day!
  • Make Your Bed: As we’ve mentioned in the past, there is a ton of scientific evidence as to why making your bed in the morning will help you become more productive. So, why not engage in this simple, timely task to engage your brain and stimulate your activity?
  • Put the Phone Away: Immediately casting attention on your phone contributes to an elongated sense of committing to time spent in your bed. Standing up, stretching your body, and initiating daily activities like washing your face, making a cup of coffee, and getting dressed for the day before returning to screens is a crucial component of letting your body know it’s time to start the day.

It’s no doubt that waking up in the morning is a task and one that may often be quieted by our brain’s desire for “five more minutes!” of sleep. However, engaging in these activities will help you to spring into your morning with energy instead of dragging in feeling sleepy… so get started today! There’s no time like the present.

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