Interview 101: The Questions You Should Prepare For

There is no better way to improve your chances of securing a future job than by being prepared and qualified for your next interview. If you’re looking to learn about the most common interview questions you may get asked or the ones you should be asking, keep reading!

Questions For You:

No matter which organization you are interviewing for, there is guaranteed to be similarities between their interview process and another company’s. All interviews base their questions off a group of general topics. Even though you may not be aware of them, we’re sure you’ve encountered these types of questions before. For a full list of job interview question categories, check out this fantastic article from!

  • Qualification: Questions in this category focus on basic qualifications that will help a hirer deem if a candidate should move forward. Although these facts may be answered by a resume, prepare to explain your past work experience in the field you are interviewing for, your degree of education (ie: Bachelor’s, Master’s), technological experience (ie: Outlook, Microsoft Office), or any basic skill that will solidify your position in a candidate pool.
  • Behavioral: As they continue to gain popularity and value, these types of questions will help your employer understand how to may handle challenges or obligations based off of your past experiences.
  • Personal: In addition to your elevator pitch, you should, by now, have an idea of how you want to present yourself on a personal level to your employer. What are your main values? What do you look for in a company?

Questions Provided by Esquire’s Employees!

  • What are the reasons you are looking for a new position?
  • Have you explored opportunities at your current firm?
  • What are you seeking in your next role (in regards to the type of position, growth, size of the company, etc.)?
  • Are you ready to make a move or is there anything that would prevent you from giving a 2-week notice?
  • If discussing a particular position, what are your strengths as they relate to this specific position?

Questions For Employer:

Whether you are being interviewed by your future employer, boss, hiring manager, staff recruiter, or any employee of a company, you should come prepared with questions. Questions not only showcase your interest in the company, but they often are the key component of proving that you’ve done your research. Here are a few questions to help you construct your own before entering your next interview!

  • When can I expect to hear back about the next steps?
  • What helped you choose to pursue a career at this company?
  • What aspects of this company sets it aside from the rest?
  • What can I expect of a typical day within the office?
  • What are the strongest values/morals of this organization?
  • Where are areas of growth within this position?
  • Who will I be reporting to?
  • Looking for more? has created an amazing list for you!

If you are left with any lingering questions, feel free to reach out to any member of our team!

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