Resume Tips From Our Very Own Recruiters!

At Esquire Recruiting LLC, we use LinkedIn every day as we scout out new candidates. If you are someone who uses LinkedIn,, or any professional platform, today is your lucky day! Why, you ask? Because today, you will find out exactly which qualifications we look for right off the bat on a candidate’s resume!

  • Years of Experience: Experience may focus on a certain industry, or in a current position. When hiring, companies may only consider candidates who have had a certain number of years of experience in a given field. On the other hand, employees who have maintained their position at a company for a number of years showcase their loyalty and dedication to any organization. These people appear as more liable hirees who are motivated to work for a company for years into the future.
  • Location: Location helps recruiters to see if potential candidates are within a commuting distance of a new position, or if they are willing to travel and even relocate. Since this component may entail a variety of answers, recruiters will not weed out any candidates solely based on their current location. However, it is important to note if you are willing to relocate, commute, and how far.
  • Title: Arguably the most important and telling sign of any resume is a person’s current job title. A candidate’s current job title will immediately inform a recruiter of where they can place this person in the future, their level of expertise, and often their experience in a given field (as more experience often entails higher positions).
  • Education: This aspect is highly variable. Few positions will completely overlook a candidate solely based on their level of education, although this is often considered an important qualification. Exhibiting your degree on your resume may very well help you get ahead in an application pool.
  • Presentation: Although this is not a “filter” that our recruiters can plug in when on the hunt for a candidate, the presentation of a prospective hiree’s resume is highly important. If your resume is too colorful, overly “bold,” disorganized, or unprofessional in any way, a recruiter is likely to pass it by. With the magnitude of LinkedIn users, it is too risky to present an unconventional resume when applying to a position through this platform.

Important Note!

Although these resume components help us to quickly weed out applications and narrow in on candidates, that does not mean your resume will be overlooked simply because you are missing one qualification. It is always important to submit your resume, elaborate on experience, and apply to all positions that pique your interest. Where you may lack in one quality, you may excel in another. So don’t sweat the small stuff! And remember, we’re here to help!

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