Job Search Tips and Tricks

Happy Monday! While today’s post may not be the most exciting or uplifting, it is our unfortunate reality that many of us, our family, or friends have found themselves out of a job as a result of the financial crisis bread by COVID-19. However, at Esquire Recruiting, we are huge believers in the importance of getting yourself back out there as soon as possible so as to stay the most on top of the search as well as maintain yourself as a marketable candidate. So, how do you go about initiating your job search? Find out here…

The job search process can be scary and long at times. Finding a job you love and that you are qualified for should be everyone’s goal! Today we are going to talk about the key strategies that will help you find success throughout the job search process and the perfect fit for your career.

Job Search Strategies

  • Perseverance: This can be a tricky strategy. You might find yourself feeling hopeless after a few months filled with rejection and no luck. There are many long and hard stages of the job search process, but perseverance will keep you going. It will help you stay positive and realize that this search will be over soon and at the end of it, you will have a great job! Those who persevere will feel more rewarded and also be exposed to the greatest number of unforeseen opportunities.
  • Timing: Timing is everything. Especially right now, it’s crucial to understand that it is a common time to be unemployed in the job market, and also a time where you may need to adjust your regular expectations to nail something in for the time being. Additionally, if you find that perfect job and location, but you think the time isn’t right, this is where you make a mistake. Good jobs aren’t open for a long time. They fill up pretty fast, so jump on something when you see it!
  • Skill: Your skills are your greatest asset. Prepare yourself on how to sell people on your skills and talk about the great things you can do. Use your downtime to improve on your current skills or even learn new ones. Online certifications are a great way to improve and update your skillset. Additionally, maintaining an up-to-date resume on hand is a great way to be ready in the case of a spontaneous networking moment or connection to someone new.
  • Customization: Take the time to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for. This may seem time-consuming but is absolutely worth it. Make a few different versions of your resume that are specific to certain job titles you apply for, and always remember to tweak experiences to portray specific skills that will aid you in the new position you’re applying to.

We know how frustrating the job search process can be. However, by implementing these strategies, you will already find yourself ahead of the game and in a great spot to find a new career path or role.

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