Journaling as a Form of Gratitude

Happy Thursday and an early TGIF! Today, we’re hoping to show you some of the benefits of scheduling time to journal as a form of gratitude. Especially during quarantine and days of WFH, many people find it helpful to maintain a routine and/or schedule so as to keep up motivation and regular behaviors. One of the ways to do so is by practicing gratitude; we find it helpful to journal! So, if this is something you’re interested in, keep reading here…

Benefits of Journaling…

  1. Accountability: As we mentioned above, it can often become tough to hold yourself accountable to a variety of responsibilities when you’re entire day seems to drag on like one long mass of time. Scheduling in a “journaling” period will hold you accountable for a task while also filling some of the empty space of the day. We recommend setting aside a specific amount of time for each day (i.e.: 15 minutes) – this does not have to become a large task but instead a fun little break from reality!
  2. Thought Organization: I’m sure we’ve all caught ourselves in a moment when our head is spinning with different thoughts… did I do my laundry? Is that email due today? Did I see a response? Am I still taking that workout class later? Well, a journal will solve all of these problems as you can also use it to function as a schedule or to-do list! If you’re someone who is struggling to keep all of your thoughts in order, a journal is a great way to jot down what you hope to accomplish each day and how.
  3. Reflection and Improvement: At Esquire, we are huge supporters of self-improvement; keeping a journal will help you reflect on your strengths, successes, and identify areas of improvement. Doing so will help you to better yourself every single day as well as gauge a clear picture of who you are on a personal and professional scale to better address your daily highlights and/or some struggles.
  4. Stress Reliever: Setting aside a few moments each day to “unplug” from your tablets, phones, laptops, or other forms of electronics is a great way to bring yourself back to YOU. This time is all about you and that in itself is a way to relieve work, relationship, family, and many other types of stressors.
  5. Creative Boost: When is the last time you just let yourself go? A journal is a perfect place to store your creative thoughts or ideas… and yes, these may even be those “Shark Tank” ideas that even your family do not yet know about! Whatever it may be, writing ideas down in a journal is a fantastic mechanism for channeling and stimulating creativity.

We hope that after reading this you may feel inclined to start journaling this week! There is no better time than the present… so let’s get started…

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