Staying Busy at Home

Happy Monday! Today, we’re here to piggyback off of our idea last week where we introduced some of the benefits of scheduled journaling as a form of gratitude, and also as a new hobby. In light of that encouragement, we’re hoping to help provide an additional few strategies and activities that will allow you to stay busy while staying at home or WFH. Keep reading to find out…

Staying Busy at Home:

  • Finding new hobbies: Although it may seem restrained within the walls of your home, finding new hobbies is absolutely feasible indoors. While journaling is at the top of our list, many people have found new hobbies in cooking, art projects, puzzles, podcasts, exercise videos, cocktail recipes, skincare, beauty and makeup exploration, closet cleanouts, deep cleans around the house, and many more! Each of these activities will help you to fill empty space in the day and activate a new skill.
    • Extra tip: Sometimes even a simple reorganization of your workspace or room will help stimulate creativity and fresh, new ideations.
  • Take up an online class: Many universities, such as Open Yale Class, are providing anyone interested in their online learning. Especially for those college students and others who are in the interim of internships, school, and other responsibilities, cultivating new skills to put on your resume will prove a fantastic asset and way to stand out to recruiters (wink, wink!).
  • Find new ways to be with others: For those of us who have been fortunate enough to stay home during this time, finding new ways to spend time with family, partners, etc., will provide a fresh way to interact and pass time. One of our favorite ways to “bond” with our family members is through cooking – even exploring the easiest possible recipe will help you to build teamwork and ultimately gain a reward in the form of everyone’s favorite… food!
  • Catch up with mentors and recruiters: As we’ve mentioned numerous times in the past, at Esquire, we are firm believers in the importance of networking as the underlying framework of all business operations. Now is a perfect time to utilize those relationships you’ve worked hard to build to get some resume feedback, chat about new job opportunities or temporary employment, and stay up to date with a variety of industry trends. Maintaining relationships is not only a great way to stay fresh professionally but also a means of socializing from a distance!

We have all felt that longing feeling in the “q” where time just can’t seem to pass and everything feels used up. However, trying at least one of these new activities will allow you to stimulate new skills and strategies, give your brain some activity, and hopefully put your mind at ease.

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