Let’s Chat… Off-boarding!

Welcome back, everyone! As we gear up into the weekend and into the back half of summer, we recognize that some of you may be experiencing departures from your companies or transitions into new roles. Whether joining a new team or organization overall, it’s super crucial to nail your off-boarding procedures to ensure you maintain positive relationships with colleagues and an open door if you ever want to return to a role. So, how do you leave a team in a prepared position for your departure? Find out everything you need to know below!

Off-boarding from a Role or Company:

  • Preparation: Above all, preparing to leave your future “replacement”, or team in general, in a beneficial spot is the most courteous way to create a smooth transition. After all, you aren’t expected to stay in one role your whole life, so leaving on good terms with any company, team, or manager will likely revolve around how you leave things. If you have any outstanding projects, due dates, emails to get back to, etc., put in the extra time over your last few weeks to complete everything so that the next employee can start FRESH! This might also look like extending your departure date out to 3 or 4 weeks depending on your position and next role’s urgency. If able, inform your team earlier than 2 weeks (or 2 weeks at a minimum) of your next step so as to set expectations up front and as early as possible.
  • Create Guides or Manuals: Almost every single role across each business industry comes with specific software, operations, logistics, templates, etc. Be mindful of systems or processes that you may have unique knowledge about; creating standard work guides, best practice resources, or other training materials is a great way to not only mitigate the need for you to continue helping the team after leaving but will set your team up for sustainable success after you’re gone.
    • Extra tips: Think through the technology or platforms that you use on a daily basis to complete your given role. How can you create a resource (most likely an online document) that will assist the next employee with completing their tasks? Where did you learn the platform? Which teammates helped you to train? Thinking through the inputs you utilized to become a pro in your role is part of going the extra mile to showcase your care for your transition and commitment to any company. This does not need to be a novel… a few pages may suffice! Just make sure all login information is converted, platforms are explained, directions are given… and you’ll be set to leave!
  • Transfer Contact Information: This may be best situated within a resource document, but we encourage you to write down any applicable contract information that will help the future team member. Whether this means other team members, Microsoft Teams groups, your manager, or any other employee “resources,” documenting these people’s contact info. is guaranteed to save this person time when they run into a question! Also, if you’re able to, make sure to add your replacement to any relevant distribution lists so that they can hop onto email chains even before joining your team.
    • Extra Tip: Where able, also transfer your ownership out of project in certain systems! We also recommend you review the email chains and previous documentation that you were included on – can you forward important info. out so that it doesn’t become stuck in your inbox? Thinking through these small details are the key that helps you go above and beyond in preparing your team to be effective even when you’re gone.
  • Act as an Ongoing Resource! Finally, we highly encourage you to offer ongoing assistance, at least over the first few weeks when the new person takes their role if you are staying within your internal company. While they may be feeling flustered, guiding someone through a task you’ve likely done for years will take minimal time out of your day! Being a resource to this person is not only great “karma” for you but an awesome way to continue showing your company that you care.

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