Let’s Chat…Nailing your First Day

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re here to add some color and a bit more context to our previous article: ‘Let’s Chat… Off-boarding!’ If you tuned in last week, we taught you about the importance of eloquently communicating the news that you’re leaving, as well as preparing your team to be well-suited and ready for your departure from any given job. So, what happens next? Well, today, we’re here to walk you through our best tips and tricks for nailing your first day of work at any company or within a new role! Keep reading here to find out how…

First Day Impressions

Starting the Night Before!

That’s right, your first day of work prep doesn’t begin on your first day, but often quite a bit before! We highly encourage you to spend time prepping for a smooth transition by thinking through some questions (jotting them down on notebook paper) and collecting the materials you need for the day. Do you have a water bottle? Notebook? Working pens? Blue-light glasses? Ensure that you’ll be as comfortable as possible by gathering all applicable and desired ‘gear’ for your new job.

If time allows, we also recommend that you practice your commute or map it out the night before. Specifically using the Maps feature to anticipate traffic at the exact time and day you’re leaving will help you be well-suited to arrive early and settle in before starting.

Finally, make sure to get a solid night’s rest before. Sleeping an ample amount to provide yourself with energy to sustain through the day is equally key to success and retention of information as any other preparatory activity!

During the Day!

Come in with an open mind! We know that it seems pretty obvious, but you’ll undoubtedly be learning a TON of new information on this first day. So, make sure to study company tools, information, software platforms, or any preliminary information as you become acclimated to your new environment. We often refer to being a ‘sponge’ when entering into a new organization or role, so make sure to soak up as much information as you can.

Next, as you may anticipate, you’ll be meeting and getting to know a whole bunch of new teammates and management throughout your first few weeks. Remember, first impressions are crucial for ‘setting the scene’ and professional relationship longevity. So, make sure to practice your ‘why’, professional story, and oftentimes what we refer to as your elevator pitch. These employees will likely have a bunch of questions for you, your transition, and what you’re hoping to achieve from this new position or career move. So, come prepared to answer, showcase a positive attitude, and be mindful of your tone, eye contact, body language, and physical aspects of positive first impressions.

  • Extra Tip: Make sure you’re reciprocating by asking questions and showing interest in your new teammates! Being an active listener is also a great way to ensure you nail a first impression.

As the Day Concludes…

Remember, this day is the first of many! Be easy on yourself and remember that it’s only day 1, and you have a plethora of more knowledge to learn at your fingertips. However, something you CAN do immediately is sharing gratitude to your team for their patience! Sending quick ‘pings’, emails, or even writing a few handwritten notes is an amazing way to differentiate yourself and ensure your team sees your gratitude for their patience.

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