Let’s Chat… Office Materials and What to Expect

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re here to walk you through a bit more of what you can expect from starting a new job, at a new organization. If you’re transitioning internally, you can likely expect to maintain your same office setup and materials. However, when transitioning into a totally new company, you can typically expect to be provided with some extent of office supplies through which to create your at-home space (in addition to at work!).

Office Materials Provided to You…

  • Laptop: Above anything else, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll need a laptop in any corporate setting in order to be able to perform your role. So, you will be provided with a laptop on or before your first day to get started! For our interns or rotational candidates, we recommend you ask about any restrictions around your temporary laptop – can you bring it home? Can you access the internet?
  • Monitor (or Two!): A bit up in the air, you may be provided a monitor, you may be provided a discount through a corporate-affiliated website, or this may be an expense that’s left up to your own responsibility. So, make sure to scan through your offer letter or discuss this with your next employer so that you can be prepared with upcoming personal expenses associated with the transition.
  • Docking Stations, HDMI cords, etc.: Somewhat like laptop ‘add-ons’, these will also likely be provided to you in the same sense that the laptop is. In order to operate, and maintain access and Wifi connection to your VPN or network, these additives are super crucial to daily ease and success.
  • Mouse and/or Keyboard: More add-ons that aren’t crucial to your job function but are nice to have! Keep these in mind if you’re someone who prefers to type and click so that you can ensure your optimal setup for productivity.
  • General Stipends: On the other hand, some companies may not actually purchase these materials for you, but instead provide you with a stipend so that you can do so on your own. These stipends may relate to general expenses (ex: headphones or other accessories) or to monitor and functional materials themselves. So, if you don’t see an outline of office materials provided for you, make sure to inquire about a supplementary stipend if that’s something you’re cautious about purchasing!
  • Extra Note… Merch! Yep, you heard that right! Companies are also in tune with their ‘branding’, in the sense of providing employees with t-shirts, sweatshirts, laptop sleeves, water bottles, mugs, pens, and more. You may be provided with a celebratory package in which there will be a whole bunch of corporate merch to embrace and, in some cases, bring and wear to the office!

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