Let’s… Clean up our Resumes!

Welcome back, everyone! As you know, resumes are frequently spoken about here at Esquire Recruiting, LLC. Resumes are extremely prevalent in securing a job, and help hiring managers to learn about you. Today, we will discuss some resume mistakes to avoid! Avoiding the mistakes listed below will help ensure that your resume is tip-top. Keep reading to find out the best way to stand out and display your best candidate self!

Let’s… Avoid these Mistakes!

  • Sloppy Mistakes: Sloppy mistakes can be totally avoided with a bit of extra work and attention. These mistakes consist of things such as spelling errors, typos, and punctuation. With a bit of extra proofreading, you can avoid these mistakes that will make a hiring manager think twice about your application. Proofread your resume a few times by yourself and when you finally think it is perfect, send it to a friend for a final review.
    • Extra tip: There are many FREE online tools that will do this job for you! Utilize spell check on any platform, or install Grammarly for an automated review of your work. The more layers of editing and eyes on your resume, the better!
  • Generic Feel and Wording: Your resume should not look the same for every job you apply to. While this may sound like a time-consuming task, in editing your resume to appeal to individual job applications, is absolutely worth it. Sending a generic resume to employers will give them the inkling that you don’t particularly care about that specific job but instead are copying, pasting, and applying to anything that you think is available.
    • Extra tip: Research resume templates that are relative to your field, potential role, etc. That way, you will be able to gauge the appropriate look (like having a profile pic), feel (like font type), and types of words used to describe certain experiences and fields.
    • KeywordsThe best way to tailor your resume to every job application is to use keywords. Look at the job description for the position you are applying for and use it to your advantage. Use the keywords from the job description in your resume and sell yourself so that you convince the company that they should hire you!
  • Accomplishments: A common mistake many people make is highlighting their job duties rather than their accomplishments. Put an emphasis on what you accomplished in your past positions, not just what you had to do. Demonstrate the activities you have achievedd within your daily job duties, as doing so will show the hiring manager/company through your accomplishments that you went above and beyond.

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