Let’s… Hop Into Fall!

Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend – and if you’re in Chicago like we are, a brief introduction to fall weather and a momentary reprieve from the heat! However, if you’re feeling excited about the changing of the seasons like we are, then it is time for you to hop into Fall with us. How do you re-align for a new time of year or get back on track? find out below!

Let’s… Hop into Fall (a new season)!

  • Get Outside: The summer months are spent beneath the sun but don’t let the end of summer mean the end of venturing outside – especially during the last few weeks of September, make sure to value pockets of time that you can spend outdoors! Not only is doing so a great source of Vitamin D to stimulate overall health and productivity, but will allow you to appreciate the warm weather while it’s still here.
    • Extra Tips: Find a picnic spot, listen to a podcast on a walk, take a lunch break on a patio or at an outdoor cafe, or go see a “movie in the park” and participate in an outdoor community activity.
  • Make a Bucket List: Of things you’re most excited about in the coming months. Ready to leave summer behind? Summer is not for everyone. The heat, bugs, and lack of routine might have you excited for pumpkin spice lattes and a Halloween movie marathon. If this sounds like you, make a bucket list of things you are looking forward to. Even if you LOVE summer, to get excited about September and the new things to come, a bucket list can help. Setting goals and creating bucket lists help focus our attention, articulate what we want to explore, and turn those ideas into a reality.
    • Extra Tip: As we enter Q4, this is also a great time to check in with the goals you’ve set for this year! Are you on track personally? Professionally? How can you make these last few months COUNT?
  • Personal Reflection: Whether this is through journaling, meditation, or time alone with your thoughts, think about some of these questions:
    • What was your favorite thing about summer?
    • What was the best thing that you experienced this summer?
    • If you could go back and do summer over, what would you change?
    • What did you learn about yourself this summer?
    • How was this summer different from past summers?
    • What lessons or takeaways would you like to carry with you into the fall?
  • Create a routine. Creating a new routine can be just the fresh start you need to kickstart the new season. Get organized and prioritize what needs to be done in September. You can almost think of September as the new January! Cleaning out your closet, workspace, or other environments is a perfect way to create a refreshed and re-ignited sense of motivation to close out the year.

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