Let’s… Continue the Job Search!

Welcome back, everyone! Today we are here to provide a bit 0f color to some of our recent graduates, as well as any employee in the working force seeking out a new opportunity, role, or entry-level job role! We know how difficult it can feel and be to be persistent and motivated in a job search. The reality is that there will be far more rejections than acceptions… But we are here to remind you that all you need is ONE acceptance and here are some of the best tips to get you on the right track.

Key Aspects of Your Job Search…

  • Perseverance: This can be a tricky strategy. You might find yourself feeling hopeless after a few months filled with rejection and no luck. There are many long and hard stages of the job search process, but perseverance will keep you going. It will help you stay positive and realize that this search will be over soon and at the end of it, you will have a great job! Those who persevere will feel more rewarded!
    • Best practice: Set metrics to hold yourself accountable to! Whether this means 5, 10, or even 50 applications sent in each week, creating a goal to set and meet on a specific cadence is key to feeling accomplished regardless of that week’s outcome.
  • Timing: Timing can be everything! If you find that perfect job, perfect location, but you think the time isn’t right, this is where you make a mistake. Good jobs aren’t open for a long time. They fill up pretty fast usually, so jump on something when you see it! And remember, just because you accept a job in a new industry or city does not mean that you are committing to the rest of your career. Things change all of the time, so allow yourself flexibility and openness to diving outside of your comfort zone.
  • Skill: Your skills are your greatest asset. Prepare yourself on how to sell people on your skills and talk about the great things you can do. Use your downtime to improve on your current skills or even learn new ones – online certifications (through platforms like LinkedIn, Google, or Amazon) is a great way to improve and update your skill set.
    • Besst practice: There are also many personality and strength tests for FREE USE online! Use these tests to examine your skill set and offer concrete examples as to why your strong areas support your potential next role.
  • Customization: Take time to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for; this may seem tedious, but will undoubtedly prove valuable when it comes to your next employer (and the recruiter evaluating your candidate profile!). This might look like adjusting the format, descriptions, coloration, or even the experiences per application, but it is key to showcasing you care about each given role to adapting your resume to show so.

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