Let’s… Recruit Gen-Z’s Into the Workplace!

Welcome back, everyone! Today, as well as throughout the summer, I’ve spent a bunch of time working alongside interns and post-graduates who are soon to enter the corporate workforce full-time (and for a LONG time!).  As “Gen-Z” employees are quickly rising to the most populous generation, making up more than 1/3 of the current workforce, it’s crucial for employers to understand their preferences and deliver on expectations.

To our recruiters and employers, this article is for you! Keep reading to find out the best way to cater job offerings to this generation, retain employees, and curate a benefits package that will please all candidates.

Gen-Z Working Preferences…

  • Environment: Environment is a key to workplace satisfaction for this generation! So, what do we mean by a positive working environment? Consider natural lighting, open space, updated furniture, and an office that feels “light.” Gone are the days of dark cubicles and grey, and welcome are the days of color. The more enjoyable the physical environment is, the most enjoyable your employees are likely to be.
  • Hybrid Flexibility: That’s right, with the pandemic came a seemingly permanent shift in the way that employees are considering their day-to-day in-person expectations. So, if able, we highly consider that your office integrates a flexible and hybrid working environment into your daily expectations. Whether this looks like 3 in-person/2 virtually enforced days per week, 5-day flexibility, 1-day per week requirement, etc., every formation looks different! Allowing and embedding trust into your employees by allowing them to guide their own daily routine is a phenomenal way to retain talent. We also encourage you to incentivize this type of benefit! Maybe this looks like meeting a sales quota, a deliverable, an outcome, etc., but creating rewards in the form of flexibility for performance is also a great means of positive reinforcement.
  • Well-being Benefits and Focus: What does this mean to your employment package? Mental health days, rewards for completing tasks, flexibility on Fridays, well-being checks, and resources (like online learnings) are all great manifestations of a focus on your employee’s well-being. Remember, the happier that you can make your employees each day, the more elongated motivation and consideration they will feel to stay with your company.
  • Openness to Job Changes: Unfortunately, Gen-Z more than any other generation is willing to relocate to a more fitting opportunity if their current job doesn’t meet their qualities of satisfaction. Things like a hybrid environment benefit package, compensation, and growth opportunities are all important factors that Gen-Z will continuously evaluate as it relates to staying in their current role. Checking in with your employees through surveys that allow them to provide their voice and perspective is an amazing format to make your employees feel heard!

Like we said at the beginning, this generation is quickly rising to become the most influential of all in the workforce! So achieving the above attributes and instilling them into the framework of your company will prove key to ongoing and sustainable success.

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