Let’s…Find Activities Indoors!

Hey everyone and happy (early) weekend! We know that if you’re like us, and live almost anywhere in the Midwest, the past few weeks have truly reminded us of what winter entails. For that reason, it’s likely you haven’t been spending as much time outside as you may during warmer months. So, how do you find things to do indoors and from home? Keep reading HERE to find out…

Passing Time From Home…

  1. New Recipes: Getting back in the kitchen is a great way to fill an afternoon with fun, and a welcome distraction from other necessities and obligations of daily life. Now more than ever, there is an endless number of recipes online relating to all cuisines and diets. So, find a friend, a partner, a family member, or take on the endeavor by yourself!
  2. Movie Marathon: There is nothing more nostalgic than bundling under a blanket, grabbing a bowl of popcorn, turning off the lights, and cozying up to a movie marathon. Unsurprisingly one of our favorites is Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, but more than just the actual film, it’s a great way to just relax with those you love.
  3. Engage in a Massive Puzzle: If you’re looking for some brain stimulation, this one’s for you! Getting a hold of a thousand-piece puzzle will keep you occupied for days or weeks to come.
  4. Try out a New Craft: Whether painting, coloring by number, using clay, creating DIY jewelry, or even face painting, channeling your inner creativity is a great way to fill a day and also in a way that you’ve likely not engaged in any time recently.
  5. Self-Care Day: And of course, what’s a true weekend without a bit of self-care? Stocking up on some face masks, painting your nails, making a cup of coffee, or engaging in any activity completed intended for your own care is encouraged and recommended.

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