Stress Relief with These Four Steps

Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend, and if you’re in Chicago like us, are preserving through the snow. Today, we’re here to offer you our best strategies for working through and managing inevitable stress. Whether you’re a student, graduate, professional, or anyone under the sun, we know stress is a part of natural life. So, how do you confront these feelings in a productive manner? Find out here!

Stress Management Strategies…

  1. Crafts: Let’s start with arts and crafts. We’ve encouraged you a bunch of times in the past but are here to nail this idea into your minds one more time… crafting is a key to relaxation! This may look like coloring, hands-on pottery, drawing, sketching, or even digital/online graphic design… it’s a personal and creative outlet that looks different for every participant. No matter how this manifests for you, we encourage you to explore this unique activity to trigger an often unused area of your brain!
  2. Artistic Outlets: On that same note, engaging in artistic or musically-focused activities is a wonderful way to explore new hobbies and develop previously “unexercised” skills. This may mean music (like drumming, playing piano, or attempting at guitar lessons), singing, acting, or otherwise engaging in performing arts. However, pushing ourselves into new environments and out of our comfort zone is not only a great way to segment your life away from purely work but a relaxing means of personal growth.
  3. Get Outside! If you can take just a moment to watch the sunrise, step out for a cup of coffee, follow the sunset, or take a breath of fresh air, the scientific benefits of activating Vitamin D are unmatched! This does not have to look like a full-blown activity and may just be the opening on a window, but we are confident that it will be worthwhile.
  4. Exercise: Finally, we apologize if we sound like a broken record, but we essentially “beg” you to work out if you are physically able to do so! Especially the effects of walking have been proven to decrease stress and increase one’s ability to manage those emotions. So, clear your mind, throw on your favorite podcast or music, and get to moving!

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