Let’s Learn About … Asking Interview Questions!

We all know this feeling: you’re sitting in an interview and the hiring employee asks the questions we’ve all been preparing for… “Do you have any questions for me?” If you hope to stand out as a candidate, showcase your preparation, and otherwise leave a position impression on recruiters, preparing UNIQUE questions is essential to success! So, how do you prepare unique, out-of-the-box, and productive questions?! Find out HERE!

Preparing Effective Interview Questions…

Ask with Purpose

Above all, make sure to avoid those generic questions that were all accustomed to answering and have heard 100 times. AKA: Why do you like working here? What does your day look like? Why should I want to work here? If you could ask a question you’re preparing to any interviewer, for any position, and at any company, that is a red flag that your questions lack purpose. So, how do you overcome this challenge? Think about why you’re interviewing with a company! Do they prioritize minority recognition and hiring? Volunteering? Are there horizontal opportunities for switching to new roles? How do employees work their way up the vertical corporate ladder? Find out what your priorities are in your role, and cater questions to your top desires in a new position to get to the nitty-gritty of the company culture and career progression.

Research and Ask Specifics

Make sure that your questions are specific to the company! If you’re asking about corporate responsibility, find out what organizations and initiatives your company participates in! Find out if there are volunteer days and strategies for encouraging these behaviors! If you’re interviewing for a technical role, is there a specific program or language you should begin preparing for? How does your company encourage learning and progression? Are you offered courses? Dig deeper than generics to derive the greatest value from your interview.

Leave no Loose Ends!

Finally, remember that the question component of any interview is intended to help YOU! So, make sure that you’re walking out of the interview with no questions left unanswered. Not only will doing so accelerate your timeline of acceptance if an offer is extended, but will provide you the clearest picture to help guide your decision.

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