Let’s Talk… Seeking New Opportunities!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today, we’re here to discuss a topic that may feel taboo at times but is the reality of almost every single professional career – changing jobs. If you feel stagnant in your current role, itching to try something new, desiring a new feel or skill development, or even want to try out a new company culture, this blog is for you. Read along to learn our best tips for initiating a job search (mainly online)…

Initiating Your Job Search…

  • As Early as Possible! Yes, that’s correct! If you have not yet started sending out applications, go ahead and do so today. Getting your name in the door or starting to reach out and utilize your network is essential to getting through the application process. Many jobs open in the Spring and around Fall recruiting periods (often geared towards college seniors and soon-to-be graduates), so make sure to stay in line with timelines so as to avoid being swept away by lost time.
  • Do Your Research: You absolutely must conduct research about all job opportunities! Many online platforms offer a variety of resources to explore jobs in certain industries, cities, levels of seniority and experience, etc. For example (to our students), Handshake is a common website where companies are given the opportunity to post their job opportunities to an online platform for college students. Applications may be as easy as clicking a button and submitting a resume – so make sure to exhaust all options here (especially on LinkedIn)! Remember, these are free resources sitting at your finger tips that you can access from the comfort of your home, so make sure to use them whenever they are available to you.
  • Practice Your Elevator Pitch: Even if you feel that you will be able to produce an elevator pitch on the spot, we encourage you not to do so. With phone calls and interviews naturally come nerves, and nerves may lead to filler words, stuttering, stammering, and unprofessionalism when not practiced in advance. Keep your elevator pitch short and sweet, but definitely to the point! Include a brief intro to your experience, potential interests, and if there is time, a short reason as to why you were drawn to the company you are speaking with.
  • Plan an Interview Outfit: Although over a screen, we hope that your physical appearance will still treat virtual interviews as if they were regular, in-person events. Showcase your dedication and care for presentation by dressing in business casual or professional clothing. Even if we’re all communicating solely through the online format, you’re guaranteed to help yourself stand out by treating all interactions as if they were the exact same as in-person. You’ll be surprised by the extent of commonalities between the two formats, so the more you prepare, the better.
  • Be Ready Early: To anticipate inevitable technical challenges, like wavering Wi-Fi, poor connection, etc., make sure to log on much earlier than the anticipated interview so as to be able to mitigate as many barriers as possible.

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