Moving Out Post-Grad! Part 2

Welcome back, everyone! As we spoke about last week, the months following college graduation are quite ambiguous for most students. Many of you have become accustomed to living on your own over the past years, and as a result, hope to try on a new city or “flee the nest” right after graduation. While we spoke about some financial benefits of living at home, we thought it fair to show you the other side of the coin! If you’re toying with the idea of relocation, keep reading below to find out our pro tips as to why you should go for it.

Benefits of Relocating Post-Grad…

  • Developing Independence: While college is undoubtedly a phenomenal resource that allows students to experience independence for the first time, living on your own in a different city will provide even more opportunities for maturity and growth. Likely, you will be placing yourself in an environment without the cushion of dozens of friends, familiar professors and buildings, and even restaurants and coffee shops! For that reason, you may find yourself with new, unexpected responsibilities and opportunities: navigating grocery shopping, finding relaxation outlets, new exercise routes or studios, seeking new friendships or mentors, etc. This is an amazing time to put your skills to the test!
  • Dream Company: At least in my experience, I’ve found that some of my “dream” companies are located solely in California, New York, Austin, etc. So, if leaving your hometown allows you to pursue your absolute dream role, this is the time to do so! Working for a company that you’re passionate about will undoubtedly make a new city more enjoyable and fun, and it may allow you to explore an area of the U.S. that you hadn’t even previously considered!
  • New Start: A supernormal feeling that comes with college graduation is some time to reevaluate your current satisfaction with the people with who you surround yourself will. While not necessarily bad, it’s completely reasonable to feel as though you’ve outgrown your close circle, or that you’re in the market for a refresh. Moving to a new location will undoubtedly help you immerse yourself in a new culture and therefore surround yourself with people different and similar to yourself. Refreshing your social circle after graduation is a phenomenal reason to explore a new city, state, or region of the U.S. and beyond!
    • Extra tip: If you’re struggling to meet new people, check out Bumble BFF, Facebook Groups, the Geneva app, and other media avenues intended to bring new people together with a shared interest in developing a friendship! Trying out a new workout class, cafe, boutique, restaurant, or busy location while on your own is also a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and meet someone new. Always adopt a smile and a friendly face and you’re sure to connect with someone new!
  • Temporary Commitment: More now than ever before, companies are developing and offering rotational programs for graduates post-college. Accepting a role of this sort will provide you with an exceptional measure of testing out a new city with an expiration date in mind. One year, two years, or even a few months from now, you’ll be able to reassess your contentment with a city and potentially even relocate again!

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