Let’s…Exercise this Weekend!

If you live in the Midwest like me, then you’ve probably already encountered a few days that feel as if we live in Arizona…. in fact, just about everyone in the country has experienced outrageously hot summer days this year. However, with the weather and heat comes a push and encouragement to spend time (safely, and with sunscreen!) outdoors and in the fresh air. If you lost track of your workout regime in quarantine or over the past year, or if you’re looking to jump into exercise, this article is for YOU! Find out some of our favorite fitness resources below…

Ideas for Exercise…


Above all, getting to the gym and rotating around a few different machines is a traditional, basic, and effective way to get your body moving. Whether this means the elliptical, treadmill, weight machines, stair climber, bench, or any other material you have as a resource, get on there and get going! The hardest part about working out is getting to the gym, and remembering that every other person is there for the same reason that you are is a great way to decrease the nerves and start increasing your confidence.

Bicycling Outside

No matter where you live, we can almost guarantee that there are forest preserves, hiking routes, or outdoor bike paths near you. This may look like a few miles or a few hours.. anything works! Just get on, and get moving. Bicycling is a fantastic lifetime sport that does not require the same cardio exertion as would a treadmill or outdoor run. Not only is this sport maintainable and a great way to burn some calories, but is a super-inclusive activity for any aged person looking to get riding.

Find a Hill

Cardio lovers… this one is for YOU! If you live a relatively close distance to a hill (at parks, near schools, at a neighborhood recreation center, etc.), this is a cost-free and highly effective workout for individuals seeking a cardio-heavy experience. Taking the side stairs or running up the face will provide equally exhausting and rewarding exercise experiences at your leisure and at a self-guided pace. Remember, getting there is the hardest part! Whether you run, jog, or walk, moving your body is a success in and of itself… and there’s always room to continually improve! Working out is a lifestyle above all else, so take it slow and steady to optimize your health.

Online Classes and Videos

Since the start of the “OG” quarantine, we’re sure just about every single one of you has heard of a friend, family member, or have even found yourself engaging with online fitness content. YouTube, IGTV, live videos, and almost every social platform have taken to fitness classes taught through the screen. If you’re like me, and 91-degree weather means staying inside and away from the heat of the sun, this is a great alternative to maintain movement! Even more, many fitness classes require no added equipment or materials to participate… so all you need is you. 

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