My Favorite Online Resources!

Welcome back, everyone! Today, I’m here to chat about a few ways that I love to stay on track with industry trends, important updates, partnerships, developments, investments, and more. Not only does doing so help me perform my best in my day-to-day role and obligations, but it sets me up to show my best professional self in an office-based or networking-focused conversation. So, are you hoping to stay in the know? Find out everything you should know about online resources (and newsletters) here!

Staying Up-to-Date in Your Industry

  • The Skimm: Pretty much the “OG” of online newsletters and new distribution, the Skimm is an incredible platform through which to “get your feet” wet and incorporate a piece of reliable news into your morning routine. The Skimm provides a quick, literal skim of significant world events, developments, political updates, and even tops off with links to popular and useful products (often even paired with discount codes!). If you’re looking to stay knowledgeable without digesting too much detail at once, this is a great resource for you.
  • The Morning Brew: Very similar to the Skimm, the Morning Brew also gives a boost of knowledge in several topics, is often tech-focused, and always updates its reader on stock trends. Another easily digestible form of content, the brew is meant to be paired with a nice cup of coffee and a refresh to your morning.
  • The Hustle: Also similar, the Hustle is slightly more entrepreneurial and Marketing focused, as it often calls on new products or companies initiated by developing professionals. I love to read the Hustle during a light news day to explore topics I would not have normally sought out, but provide a fresh and unique perspective to guide the day.
  • Daily: Finally, I mainly use the daily newsletter as a means of staying up to date with financial trends, innovations, partnerships, and political intersection. If payment forms, credit cards, buy now pay later, and other financially motivated trends aren’t up your alley, this may not be your favorite. However, understanding the ecosystem of how money drives our economy, global influence, and day-to-day lives is undoubtedly an invaluable component of being holistically knowledgeable about the world.
  • The New York Times: The New York Times is home to an endless number of newsletters: daily, political, cooking, fashion, marketing, and reading are just a few! You are nearly guaranteed to find a variation of the article that piques your interest and can rely on as a historically reliable source.

Basically, with the number of tech-based resources we have at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to become well-versed in the corporate conversations and worldly developments happening every day! Make sure to sign up for one of the above once you wrap up this read and have a great week.

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