Nailing Response Timing!

Welcome back to our fantastic followers and candidates! We are both grateful and hopeful to be back in the full swing of our work as we connect and recruit many of you for new positions. In the process of doing so, it’s crucial to nail your responses, thank you notes, and the timing of each component of the recruiting process. Learn how to do so below…

While Applying to Jobs

While you are in the application stage of employment, it is crucial to set reminders to check your email so as to be able to reply as quickly as possible to recruiters! More likely than not, your first receipt of communication will be a receipt of application and intention to schedule an interview. By replying ASAP, you will be guaranteed the widest opening of interview options to take advantage of. If you have conflicts or a busy schedule, this will be an especially important advantage for you as a candidate. Replying ahead of other competitors will also help you stand out as a motivated and dedicated individual!

Extra Tip: Make sure to always include an email signature line with the following: name, title, address, phone number, fax number, or any other crucial contact information.

While Interviewing

While interviewing, the communication that will drop into your inbox may look like a follow-up call, interview, explanation of the next steps, or even an offer of employment! Remember that in order for a company to move forward with their interviewing process, they need to hear from YOU first! Just as a timely response (aim for within a 24-hour window of receipt), will showcase your initial excitement about a role, a timely response of acceptance of negation will likely do the same.

In your responses, always be mindful of: tone, clarity, concise language, avoidance of “fluff”, and overall excitement! 

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