Social Profile Presentation

Welcome back, everyone! Today, let’s talk: how you should aim to be perceived as a candidate online. In today’s climate, it’s almost guaranteed that each candidate comes with a social profile of their own. Whether this means Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, or several more, we know that we all spend a great deal of time on social media each day. So, how should you aim to come across from your “socials”? Find out below!

Crucial Social Platform Presentation:

We’ll focus on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Personal Professionalism:

While we know that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should not be equally considered like a resume as it relates to who you are as a candidate, the reality is that many and probably a majority of employers will check your online presence from all angles. Although it’s not uncommon for individuals to share political opinions on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or maybe a picture at a bar on the weekends on Instagram, we encourage you to try to stay as neutral as possible regarding your opinions and weekend engagements online. A simple rule of thumb is to ask “would I post this if I knew my boss was viewing it?” If you think a certain post may spark up a heated debate, may cause your employer to question your professionalism, may offend someone on your team, etc., the answer seems pretty clear!

Steer Clear of Steamy Topics:

Piggy-backing off of the paragraph above, we encourage you to steer clear of highly controversial subjects online. Especially given the climate and the high emotions of the last year, we hope that you keep debates (and sometimes arguments!) inside the household or to friends and family. Engaging with strangers through the screen almost always ends up in conflict, so it’s better to engage with “safe” topics like family, pets, hobbies, exercise, friends, restaurants, food, and other fun aspects of life! Remember, it’s almost guaranteed that we are all on socials these days, but that doesn’t mean our personal life is completely separate from work. As we are all more connected than ever before, we must remember that our employers, teammates, and management use these platforms too and will likely see what you are posting and doing!

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