Navigating Change

Hello everyone! We are so excited to enter the New Year while sharing our success and new hires with you, reminding you to check out our open jobs page (linked below) if you’d like to work with our team, and ultimately providing you with short resources to consistently improve all aspects of your life. On the topic of students traveling abroad, and understanding that the new Omicron COVID variant has caused the immense need to adapt quickly to changing environments… today we’re teaching you our best practices through which to navigate change!

Navigating Change…

  • Maintain Routine: One of the greatest challenges of change is losing structure. Many of us rely on our daily routines as a form of consistency and something to rely on. For our students quickly transitioning into remote learning, our workers shifting between going to their offices and WFH, and any other person undergoing a rapid change in their lives, we know that uncertainty may feel uncomfortable. However, we encourage you to identify components of your “regular” routine that can be replicated in your new situation. For example, while you may benefit from those extra few minutes of sleep given back when you go to school from home or work, we encourage you to try to keep your morning routine by waking up at the same time, getting dressed, making coffee, or breakfast, and otherwise acting as you normally would. That way, your body will continue to behave as it would had you been commuting and will maintain a sense of motivation to get the day started.
  • Curate Your Environment: Additionally, you may feel fatigued in your bedroom, home office, or working space after spending so much consistent time in one area. That feeling is completely normal! We encourage you to “spruce” up your environment by picking up a new scent (candle or incense), gifting yourself with something that brings you happiness (maybe a new piece of wall art or desk accessory), and otherwise making your space somewhere you want to spend time.
  • Identify leadership: Remember, if you are undergoing change, it is likely that many others are too. Whether this is your teacher, professor, mentor, manager, boss, or teammate, we highly value the importance of using your resources! Identify those who are senior in their experience and ask for help, recommendations, advice, or best practices to maintain a sense of motivation, dedication to your work, and accountability to your goals.
  • Ask for help! Above all, you are not alone! So many of us feel fatigued in our day-to-day life, lacking motivation, or a need for a refresh. Seek help from your friends and family, in your work or school resources, or even through therapy! Talking through feelings and avoiding a build-up of frustration is the best possible way to mitigate burnout. And if you’re ever seeking additional advice and guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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