Manifesting Goals for 2022

We touched a bit on manifesting in our last post, specifically:

“Google defines this concept as, “the action or fact of showing an abstract idea”… but we call this documentation and speaking your goals out loud for the universe to hear! There are several manifestation outlines that you can fill in online, or you can simply speak these thoughts out loud in a form not too far from meditation so as to verbally document your hopes for the future. It is “proven” (this, we are not 100% sure of), that putting these thoughts into the world will help you bring them to fruition, so why not give it a chance?

Today, we’re here to expand on this idea and teach you about different strategies that will help you manifest goals and affirmations into the New Year. Keep reading to find out which process works best for you…

  • Verbal Affirmation: The most common method of manifesting your goals and hopes for the future is by speaking them into the Universe! There are many famous manifestation quotes that millions of people use to affirm their days on a daily basis, but we encourage you to identify a frequency that best fits your schedule. Repeat your mantras and one day you’ll be surprised by how naturally they come to you.
  • Transcribe: If the idea of repeating a phrase into the mirror to essentially speak to yourself sounds funny, then instead of writing down manifestation is a perfect strategy for your needs. And, make it fun! Treat yourself to a trendy journal, a notepad, or a physical place for writing that will promote the behavior and make it an activity to look forward to.
  • Mood Boards: Another topic we’ve referenced is creating mood boards! If you are more of a visual learner or find yourself more heavily inspired by images, then creating a visual board of your goals is a perfect means of manifesting. Grab your favorite magazine, scroll through Pinterest, or even draw your own images!

We know that the past few years have looked quite a bit different than you may have anticipated. With COVID still comprising a large part of our lives, it’s easy to feel “stuck” in this seemingly new normal. However, through manifesting and maintaining a sense of routine, positivity, and normalcy, you’re sure to stay on track with motivation and goals as you would any other year. We are so excited to help you find new positions, reach your goals, and follow your career dreams in the New Year and will see you then! Happy 2022!

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