No Job After College? Here’s What to Do

Part of life is figuring out your identity by trying new things, immersing yourself in different types of environment, and taking chances! For that reason, today we’re here to de-stigmatize the idea that you should have a job set immediately following your college graduation. If you’ve found yourself without a plan in place, keep reading to find out some tips about what you can do!

  • Keep a Positive Mindset: We encourage you to ignore the instinct of guilt or stress and instead embrace a positive mindset and outlook. After all, you are young and this is still the time to explore endeavors and figure out your passion! Positivity will aid you in your ability to put yourself out there to many companies.
  • Take Advantage of Time to Save Money: Moving back home temporarily and taking advantage of the time to stay on a budget will aid you immensely once you are immersed in a more stable setting in regards to your position and income. 
  • Network! We cannot emphasize enough the importance of networking! No matter who you reach out to, whether a friend of a friend, family member, a mentor, a past professional or someone you found on LinkedIn – expanding your network will help you for the rest of your professional career! You never know who may be the person that can set you up with an interview or potential new position.
  • Identify a Mentor: Parents and friends are fantastic outlets for advice and support. However, we feel that mentors are the most valuable resource to help you become immersed in the professional workforce and achieve your goals. Finding a mentor will provide you with guidance, advice, and ideas for different career paths that you may have not been previously aware of!
  • Participate in a Job Shadow Day: If there is a field or industry that interests you, take advantage of opportunities to be a part of a job shadow day! Doing so will allow you to become temporarily involved in an environment that may spike a permanent interest. This will also help you identify specific roles that do not align with your desired career path.
  • Find New Hobbies: We know this sounds cliche, but one of the most important components of time off from work is keeping yourself busy by engaging in activities that you enjoy. Whether this consists of finding a new workout class or facility, trying out a cooking class, taking up art, or going to a concert, it is important to take advantage of the freedom you now have that allows you to pursue your personal interests.
  • Search for Internships: Maybe you aren’t ready to fully commit to a permanent position right out of college. Just as we encourage job shadow days, we also offer you the idea of trying out an internship! In many cases, doing so will allow you to generate an income while building skills and exploring potential companies or roles.

It is important to remember that you are not alone in this process and that is completely acceptable to graduate from college without a solidified job offer! First and foremost, it is crucial to have a sturdy understanding of your career goals and interests before you apply to a permanent job role. However, if you feel ready . . . check out our open jobs list!

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